I Called ‘Bin Laden’ ‘Obama’ All Day Yesterday.

Posted: May 3 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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First this exchange with Scrody that started with the mystery of people searching Coco Crisp’s afro like crazy and hitting our site when his puff was the rage 2 weeks ago:

610:  People are all about Obama and Coco Crisp’s afro the past two days.

Scrody:  I get Coco Crisp’s afro, but why so much attention to Obama?

610:  No idea.  I think we’re missing something.  Oh and don’t tell Obama, but I meant to type ‘Bin Laden’ in my last email to you.  Easy to get the two confused though, right?

Scrody:  Wait, you meant to type “Bin Laden” but typed “Obama”?  That’s a lot of coincidental typos.

610:  Osama, Obama…whatever, get a normal name.

Scrody:  That I could see… Osama/Obama is easy to fuck up. But Obama/Bin Laden is at least like, 10 typos.

He’s right.  I didn’t mix up ‘Osama/Obama’, I mixed up ‘Bin Laden’ & ‘Obama’.  Then this exchange took place later on at my office: 

HR lady:  “How was your weekend?”

Me:  “Good, thanks, just a little tired from the past couple days.”

HR lady:  “Oh yeah?  What did you do?”

Me:  “Well, I killed Obama and had to hurry back and make sure I wasn’t late to work this morning.”

HR lady:  “You mean Bin Laden?”

Me:  “Uh…yeah.”  *left with my head down*

I’m a fucking retard, right?  Jesus Christ…

**UPDATE**: If Geraldo (and apparently every professional news reporter in America) did it too, should I feel better or worse?


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