Bank Robber’s Mug Caught On Camera Because He Was Nice Enough To Comply With The ‘No Hats, No Hoods’ Policy

Posted: May 20 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[Columbus Dispatch]  A security camera at an East Side bank yesterday got clear photos of a robber who revealed his face when he was told to obey the bank’s “no hats, no hoods” policy, the FBI said. The incident began at about 4 p.m. when a man in a dark, hooded jacket entered the PNC Bank at 2385 S. Hamilton Rd., said FBI Special Agent Harry W. Trombitas. As the man waited in line with his hood up, concealing most of his face, a bank employee told him to take it down. The man did, Trombitas said. Eventually, he said, the man handed a teller a note saying he had a gun, was robbing the bank and would shoot her if she didn’t give him money. She did, and the robber fled. The suspect is described as a white male apparently in his mid-20s, 5 feet 5 inches tall, of medium build, clean-shaven, with short brown hair, a dark shirt, a dark coat, dark pants and dark shoes.  “Law enforcement credits PNC Bank employees with enforcing the ‘no hats, no hoods’ policy, which caused the man to take down his hood, revealing his face to surveillance cameras,” Trombitas said.

Laugh at this guy all you want.  “What an idiot, why would you take your hood off if you’re gonna rob the joint!?”  Why?  So you don’t make a scene and draw attention to yourself, that’s why.  You don’t need a teller getting all cunty because you’re not listening to her so she goes & gets security.  Next thing you know you got a rent-a-cop in your grill and some obnoxious bank employee yelling “I told him to take it off but noooooooo…white boy be suspect!!” over his shoulder.  Fuck that noise.  Danny Ocean here made the right play.  Just take the hood off and act normal.  Stay cool.  Blend in.  And when you get to the counter…CALL THE FUCKING THING OFF!!  Walk away bro!  Come on, man, your face is all over PNC’s closed-circuit TV.  Live to rob another day.  Clean-shaven white dudes in their 20’s with a medium build and short hair rocking all black are a dime-a-dozen.  It’d be a lot easier to enjoy making it rain knowing that’s all the FBI had to go on.  Instead, they have the equivalent of your yearbook picture in their pockets.  Dummy.


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