Warning! Do Not Read This Post. It’s Too Funny.

Posted: June 15 @ 9:30am by scrody in Bolivian
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Have you ever been joking around with someone and then they laughed and said, “oh that’s too funny”? For some reason, that really grinds my gears. What does “that’s too funny” even mean? I mean, I understand that my humor is probably superior to anything they’re used to hearing. But is it possible for something to be too funny? Like, “hey, the jokes you’ve been spouting up until now have been hilarious. As far as funny goes, they’ve been just right. But that last bit was a little too funny and I’ll kindly ask you to dial it back a touch. Funny is funny but that was a little too funny.” Never in my life have I ever thought something was too funny for me to handle.

Actually, let me take that back. I remember going to see Team America World Police with a bunch of friends at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. When the scene where Gary puked in the alley happened, I laughed. Then he puked some more and it got kind of old. But then he kept puking and the joke came full circle and was over the top funny. I think I’m just a sucker for jokes that go on for so long that they go beyond being excessive and turn funny again. Kind of like when Peter stubs his knee on Family Guy. Well I remember watching that vomit scene and laughing so hard that I couldn’t breath anymore. I literally had to look away from the screen so I would stop laughing and I could catch my breathe. Seriously, I had to look towards the floor just so I didn’t die of asphyxiation from laughter. I’d consider that just the right amount of funny. Had I died in that theater that night, I’d consider it too funny. But death and only death could ever bring humor past that threshold. Anything else is just plain funny.

– Oh man, just watched it again. I forgot how much the epic music and sound effects added to that scene. I think I probably lost it when the hose started running out of puke and just spraying everywhere. Nice move to leave it in the cut. You can’t script that stuff.

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