Dickhead Robs A Pharmacy With His iPhone App And Takes Off In The Cab That He Came In With And Waits For Him

Posted: July 11 @ 2:00pm by Black Dude in Bolivian
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[Enterprise News]  The bass player for a rock band was arrested for allegedly robbing an Attleboro pharmacy of prescription painkillers just hours before a show. Attleboro police say Michael Todd was apprehended after allegedly making off with six bottles of Oxycontin from a Walgreen’s store just after 1 p.m. Sunday. Todd is the bassist for Coheed and Cambria, which opened for Soundgarden at the Comcast Center in Mansfield on Sunday night. Police allege the 30-year-old Todd of Anaheim, Calif., showed the pharmacist a note on his phone that said he had a bomb, then took a cab from the scene. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Attleboro District Court. The band said on its website that it would continue to tour despite the charges against Todd.

When you think people cant get any fucking stupider, then comes along a dickhead like this.  I mean the guy must have some brass balls to try this right before he had his concert, but I cant blame him for trying to get fucked up before a gig.  I hate work as much as the next red blooded American who rather just get a welfare check each month and food stamps and shit.   I wouldn’t mind getting drunk before I have to perform as well, you know for the rest of us suckers who work for people that don’t want to work but we end up paying for them to play xbox and watch porn online,from the Internet that I am paying for as well. BTW I mean pretending to do work in front of my boss, ie opening up spreadsheets and emails and just filling them with BS, like baseball stats, you know, like having like 6 windows and clicking between them, looking super busy and shit.  Ill give him a point for originality, handing him his iphone, that had that post it app reading ” I have a bomb on me”.  Worked like a charm,but I don’t think taking off in the yellow cab that dropped you off and waited for was his best move either.

P.S best part of this story is that fact that his name is Michael Todd , just started to think that his is something that Michael Scott would do with Dwight

P.P.S the titles of my blogs are getting better with each post, i am good baby

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