Husband Sets Stripper Wife’s Motel Room On Fire Because She Didn’t Make Enough Money

Posted: September 2 @ 9:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[WLS]  A Merrillville man has been charged with allegedly setting fire to a Merrillville motel room because he was upset his wife hadn’t made more money at a strip club, and then assaulting another woman who tried to intervene. Londray Robinson Jr., 28, of the 100 block of Pinewood Drive, has been charged with arson and battery in a June 19 fire at America’s Best Value Inn, 8250 Louisiana St. Firefighters were called at about 10 a.m. and found heavy smoke coming from room 114, which had been rented by Robinson’s wife the previous night. A woman who also was in the room told police that the night before the fire, Robinson left the room and was highly intoxicated when he returned several hours later. Robinson became upset with his wife because she did not bring home enough money the night before while working at Déjà Vu in Hammond. While Robinson was fighting with another person, the second woman in the room said she was struck on the left side of her face when she tried to intervene. She ran from the room to call 911 and a few minutes later a housekeeper reported the fire.

Well no shit he set his wife’s room on fire and smacked her friend around.  When you marry a stripper, you marry a stripper because she’s gonna bring home bank – not because you think it’s cool she smashes fat, smelly strangers’ faces with her glittery nipples.  I’m sure there’s fringe benefits like free lap dances & possible menages, but threesomes don’t pay the rent…although I guess if you hooked your landlord up with a stripper 2-fer once a month that could work.  Anyway, maybe if you put some effort into those lap dances at Déjà Vu, you & your gal pal wouldn’t be staying in shithole 114 of America’s Best Value Inn.  It’s bad enough Londray has to booze his face off to ease the pain of you grinding your clit on the bridges of random noses for a living.  Now he’s gotta cope with the fact that you apparently suck at it?  Fuck you, cunt.  Arson all day.  Someone’s gotta light a fire under your ass.


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