US Marine Killed By Little Brat Hunting For Bears

Posted: October 24 @ 11:00am by scrody in Bolivian
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[NBC]  A man hunting with his grandson accidentally killed a U.S. Marine due to return to duty this week, after mistaking him for a bear in the Oregon wilderness, authorities said. Christopher Ochoa, 20, of French Camp, Calif., died at the scene in western Oregon Friday night. He had been hiking with a friend through a field and was wearing dark clothes, according to The Associated Press. The pair were headed to Silver Creek Falls Park. Gene Collier, who was hunting bear with his 12-year-old grandson saw movement in the brush and fired one shot from a .270-caliber rifle, striking Ochoa, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said. His pal was able to summon authorities and direct them to the scene. Although deputies administered first aid to Ochoa, who was alive when they arrived, he died at the scene. Collier, 67, hasn’t been charged and authorities said the shooting appeared to be accidental. Still, the case was handed over to the local district attorney’s office. A press release from the sheriff’s office said Collier cooperated fully with authorities, and there was no indication that he was impaired by drugs or alcohol. Ochoa’s family in California told police he and Raymond Westrom, 53, of Lathrop, Calif., were in Salem, Oregon, to do work on a house. Ochoa was set to report back for duty on Oct. 25.

It’s like I’ve said a thousand times by now, it’s just not a good idea to hunt for bears. Sometimes they eat you, sometimes they electrocute you and sometimes you accidentally shoot and kill a 20 year old U.S. Marine about to head back to the desert to fight for your second amendment rights to accidentally shoot someone. This is exactly why I never fucked around in the woods during hunting season when I was a kid, and I loved playing in the woods. Tree forts, bmx jumps, man hunt, boobie traps, sneaking off to drink beer I swiped from family parties. You name it. But once I saw people start roaming around with orange vests and Elmer Fudd hats, I stuck with street hockey and video games. Red necks with guns is just something I never felt comfortable around and here’s a prime example of why. Bushes move? Shoot it. Obvious reaction. Hear something in the distance? Pop off a couple rounds, ask questions later. 

You have to admit, the kid’s a pretty good shot though. Imagine, a Marine who’s survived months of enemy fire and IEDs and suicide bombers gets picked off as he’s frolicking in the field with his buddy by a single shot from a 12 year old. The kid’s punishment should be to go over to the Middle East and replace Ochoa in the Corps. We already know he can handle a rifle.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was the grandfather that shot the Marine, not the kid.

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