Wheelchair Bound Kid With Muscular Dystrophy Scores Touchdown For His High School Team

Posted: November 3 @ 2:45pm by scrody in Bolivian
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He’s been dreaming about this his whole life. Probably been through this scenario over and over again in his head. He knew every detail. What the air smelled like, the echo of the crowd, how his wheels slightly sunk in to the grass, the touch of the pigskin. Then he got word that he would finally get a shot. The butterflies took over in his gut as he heard his teammates chanting his name. The smile stretched from ear to ear as he coasted towards the huddle. The excitement was overwhelming when he heard his number called. The anticipation grew as he lined up in formation. Then the cadence… the snap… his big chance… And he fucking fumbles! Unbelievable. He didn’t even realize he dropped the ball. Just kept plowing towards the end zone like a runaway locomotive. 

You know, I’m not going to be a total dick here. I understand this was a really cool gesture on the part of both teams. But I honestly believe, if I had a physical condition that prevented me from playing sports, I’d much rather take the handoff and get crushed in the backfield for a huge loss then have the opposing team let me stroll into the end zone. Seriously. Because for that one play, I’d be just a normal kid. Completely average. And I think that’s exactly what someone like Trent here wants. They don’t need to be a superstar. Just one of the guys. So I wouldn’t want anyone handing me anything other than the ball. I’d cherish a legit loss over a charity touchdown any day.

PS – The kid might have been dealt a shitty hand as far as health goes. But I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have the coolest name. Trent Glaze? I bet he gets laid regularly. By cheerleaders. And teachers.

  1. You have no idea what happens to these kids with MD , this kid is so passionate about the game!! It wasn’t the point that he fumbled the “fucking ” ball B/C the other team was winning anyway and both teams agreed to let him run the bal!! You are able bodied I take it and have been your whole life so your take on it ofcourse is gonna be different because you are not stuck in that damn chair !! This kid knew he dropped the ball he is not paralyzed you idiot he has Muscular dystrophy!! He ‘s not stupid !! I understand what you are saying but You missed the point and thats okay alot of people do : ( My son deals with MD everyday is in a wheelchair and loves Nascar go figure but he wouldnt turn down a chance to ride if it happened charity or not : )

    • scrody says:

      I am able-bodied… well, sort of. I’m kind of a fat shit and run out of breath after 3 or 4 steps. But regardless, I know the difference between paralyzed and MD. I’m not retarded. Listen, I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt here in regards to the fumble. When I was in HS I played lacrosse. In 11th grade I was the backup to one of the best players in the state, so I pretty much never saw the field except during blowouts. I remember I’d get tossed in there after freezing my ass off for an hour and just pray the ball didn’t come to me because I couldn’t even feel my hands. So I’m sure Trent wasn’t too prepared and fumbling was probably the likely outcome.

      I think you’re totally missing the point on my second, uh, point though. Nascar is a terrible comparison. Partially because football is cool and Nascar is dumb, but other than that… “normal” kids aren’t Nascar racers. There are lot able bodied kids that would also take a charity ride in a Nascar car (Nas car?). That would be like saying your son would accept a charity ride on a spaceship. Yeah, no shit. So would I. What I’m saying is this. Let’s pretend for a second that your son is a baseball fan. And let’s say he figured out a way to knock around some balls in the batting cage while in his chair. The varsity baseball coach gets wind of this and tells your son that he can have one at bat in a real game as long as they’re up by a lot. Obviously your son would be ecstatic. But, when the opportunity came, what do you think he would rather do. Go up to the plate and take some real cuts at some real pitches just like the rest of the team? Maybe single, probably strike out, maybe just a pop out. Most likely nothing exciting, but a legitimate at bat none-the-less. OR, do you think he’d want the pitcher to lob one in underhand, have all the fielders pretend to miss it and just let him circle the bases and get a home run? Obviously he’d be super excited for either scenario. But, I have to think he’d rather the first scenario. Fake home runs are great for 4 year olds playing tee ball, but I’d have to think they’re a little patronizing for a high school kid. I’d much rather ground out to second base and be able to tell myself that I actually stood in the batter’s box against a live pitcher and gave it my best shot rather than having a charity homerun gift wrapped and given to me. Maybe that’s just me though. Maybe because I’m from a different generation. A generation that had winners and losers and not everyone got a participation trophy. A generation before the pussification of America began.

      Ask your son which one he would prefer. I’m being serious. I’m genuinely curious to know which he’d choose. A real ground out or a charity homerun.

      PS – if you’ve got $119 burning a hole in your pocket, I’ve got a good gift idea for your son: http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Ultimate-Stock-Car-Ride-Along?prodID=237941

      • Scrody, Listen you do miss the point first of all trent has to manuever his chair and catch a ball without fumbling it ?? Seriously between being cold and trying to make your hands work like everybody elses is an incapable feat in this kids case due to loss of muscle control. and as our muscles get cold theirs is even worse. That all aside do people with disabilities want to be treated like everybody else ?? Ofcourse !! So to the best of their ability they wanted trent to feel like he is part of the team it was a random act of kindness, it was not done to pussify anything!! For that matter then what is special olympics if an act of kindness is the pussification of America?? BTW Nascar is not a dumb sport and what you call “normal kids” can and do become drivers !! My son if he could physically would hop inside a car for a race in a heart beat!! Why??Its because he is a normal kidand is passionate about racing ( besides the fact that he can and is able to drive the wheels off of his chair!! There is nothing I would rather see than for him to do things like evrybody else , we have very high expectations of him always have , We never have treated him different when it comes to school or anything else!! What we do is adapt to everything and if adaptation of a sport lets say has got you so angry then I think you do kind of miss the point! I would love to take you to a placewe have here its sports for special populations kids with cognitive disabilities , autism, physical limitiations etc… play and yes get awards for participation. It gives these kids a chance to belong and be like an everyday kid if not for just a moment!! Its not a generation thing I get it everybody needs to have high expectations of their kids disabled or not ! But this was not people trying to placate a teenager , Treant is very well aware that he is different . He has just adapted and everyone there was letting him know that they care and accept him for who he is , as he is , Can you understand it a little bit now!

        • scrody says:

          Nadine, I’m pretty convinced you didn’t even read what I wrote. I’m going to have to break this down a little more I can see.

          – First of all, I already said I was giving the kid a pass on the fumble. You talk about cold hands and everything, but I said the exact same thing. It’s like you’re using my own words in an argument against me.

          – I also said letting Trent play was a nice gesture, so I don’t know why you’re trying to convince me of that.

          – The Special Olympics is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to say. Those kids are competing just like any other kids. There’s no pussification going on as far as I can tell.

          – We’re an an impasse with NASCAR. Watching cars drive in circles is retarded.

          – Of course normal kids can grow up to be NASCAR drivers. You’re missing the point again here. That’s not part of the average high school kid experience. How many NASCAR drivers does your son go to school with? How many football players does he go to school with? Do you get it now?

          – Nothing about this gets me angry. I don’t know what gave you that impression. What I’m saying is, and this is the major theme that you’re missing, I just think treating the kid like a regular kid and letting him fumble, strike-out, miss a game winning shot, whatever is every bit as much of a nice gesture, if not more, than handing him the ball and clearing the way to the endzone for him. That’s not what happens to normal kids. It’s not the part about letting him play that I have a problem with, it’s the patronizing way they treat him. They should have treated him like you’d treat the nerdy kid on the team. The one that everyone likes but doesn’t have an ounce of athleticism. You wait for a blowout, you get him in the game and you let the cards fall where they may. Can you understand it a little bit now?

          – You never asked your son, did you? Or he agreed with me and you don’t want to admit it.

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