This Broad’s Plan To Kill Her Husband Was Awesome Until She Hired Someone Who Knew Him

Posted: November 16 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Daily Mail]  The wife of a disabled Iraq war veteran has been accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. Amber Hursey offered to pay the contract killer life insurance money she would receive when her husband James was killed. But the ‘killer’ turned out to know James Hursey and tipped him off about the murder for hire plot in Laurel County, Kentucky. Hursey contacted police who set up a sting operation to trap 28 year old Amber. She was caught on tape making incriminating statements about the murder plot and has now been charged with solicitation to murder. Former soldier Hursey said he was in the middle of a messy divorce from his wife when he was told about her alleged scheme to have him killed. ‘I got a phone call saying that I needed to be talked to, that it was very important. I set a meeting up with the gentleman that told me that my wife was trying to kill me,’ James Hursey said. ‘I thought it was a practical joke until my friend said that she was serious and explained everything to me,’ he says. James said he went to the Kentucky State Police, who organised a sting operation. State Police won’t discuss the details of the operation, but James Hursey says his friend met with Amber while they were being recorded. Amber has been charged with solicitation to murder and faces up to 15 years in jail.

She 1000% looks like the type of twat to hire someone to murder her husband for the insurance dough and fuck it all up.  In fairness, though, I can’t imagine it’s an easy thing to set up.  Where do you start? All it takes is one person you pretend to joke around about it with to be like, “Oh, he’s dead, detective? Yeah, his wife – you know, the one he was in the midst of a messy divorce with – asked me if I knew any contract killers but then said she was kidding.”  Boom – 15 years.  So you can’t ask anyone you know and it’s not exactly a topic to broach to random strangers.  If it weren’t for whores ruining Craigslist then maybe that’d be an outlet, but otherwise I can’t really think of a foolproof way to solicit murder.

Besides, it makes no sense.  You’re just setting yourself up for blackmail or incarceration.  Listen, everybody – if you’re so mad that you’re willing to put in the legwork to find a high-quality, low-cost killer then you should be mad enough to do the job yourself.  You’d be a suspect either way, so at least there won’t be inconsistencies in multiple stories.  You have access to the target.  You know the target best.  You know his habits, schedules, whereabouts, weaknesses, etc.  And you’re a chick for shit’s sake. Flash your snatch & kill him while you fuck him.  Easiest way to get a dude in the most prone-to-be-murdered position there is, no matter how much he hates you.  Foolproof.  But broads will be broads, I guess.  Dummy.



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