Check Out This Dog Driving A Winnebago

Posted: November 21 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[UPI]  A dog allegedly was spotted driving a mobile home down the street in Darwin, Australia, after learning how to drive by observing his owner, observers claim. Woodley, a 2-year-old German Koolie, allegedly took the mobile home for a spin while his owner, Richard McCormack was in a store, The Sun reported. “I came out and saw the bus going down the road. I couldn’t believe it,” McCormack said. This isn’t the first time Woodley has tried to take the wheel, his owner explained. “He sits next to me when I’m driving and in the driver’s seat when I’m not. The handbrake is on the dashboard and he’s seen me release it many times. He was just copying me. He’s tried it on before,” said McCormack. The vehicle was eventually brought to a stop when bystander Phil Newton, 30, jumped in an open window and put the handbrake back on after seeing that a dog was navigating the mobile home. “This was weird, even for the Northern Territory,” he said.

That is the scariest fucking dog I’ve ever seen.  German Koolie, huh?  That’s not even a real breed.  That’s a rabid coyote, Dick.  I’m surprised Woodley didn’t rip Phil’s arm off when he decided to vault himself into this coyote’s lap and pull the handbrake.  But let’s not go and give Woodley props on passing his road test.  First of all, he’s got no thumbs.  Kinda necessary to turn a key or hold the wheel – so was he REALLY driving?  Sounds like this killer pooch simply released the brake and started coasting.  Probably scared shitless.  Everyone in the area is chuckling about how cute it is that Woodley’s just cruising around town in the Winnie when, in reality, he’s shaking in the driver’s seat wondering why the fuck he’s moving.

Listen, Dick, just because your dog sees you doing shit doesn’t mean they’re gonna do it too.  It’s ‘monkey see, monkey do’, not canine, asshole.  My dogs watch me use the remote all the time, and I’ve yet to see them scheduling the DVR to record Animal Planet.  They’re not filling my laptop’s Google cache with ‘poodle pussy’ & ‘doberman dick’ searches.  Think I wouldn’t be having them make me sandwiches by now if all it took was a few ‘show me’ lessons?  You don’t think my girlfriend wouldn’t have them cleaning the bathroom right now instead of getting her forehead damp scrubbing the toilet? Doesn’t work that way.  I wouldn’t need a girlfriend if it did.

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