Robber Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

Posted: December 29 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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See this is the danger you run in today’s world.  10 years ago, you could go around running your mouth at the bar simply because you were the biggest or loudest.  It was cake to go knocking off mom & pop We Buy Gold shops with a pellet gun.  Why?  Well, odds were very much in your favor that you were dealing with a pussy on the other side.  Someone that’d cower at the mere hint of confrontation.  But now?  Now, every Tom, Dick & Harry is at some dungeon MMA gym learning how to throw battering ram lefts from close range or choke you senseless.  Like I probably can’t beat the shit out of my Argentinian Jew friend Lee anymore because he’s been training at some Fight Club for a year or so.  You never know what you’re up against nowadays.  Even the smallest, frailest dude could have every UFC & Ultimate Fighter on DVD with a Bones Jones Fathead and Randy Couture’s Tower 2000 on his bedroom door.

This dude Derek though is the ultimate wildcard.  He’s already got the fat guise working for him.  Is he a slow, fat faggot or one of those blubbery powerhouse fucks?  Point is, it’s a different day for bullies & burglars.  It’s all about sucker punches & shoot first, ask questions later now.  Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you wake up with the clerk who just turned your lights out mad at you for bleeding on his floor.

  1. Cracker says:

    You said it man, it’s gotten pretty scary out there lately…everytime I see an overweight teenager in some sort of “Tap-Out” MMA t-shirt, I just get so frightened. I mean it’s not like the old days where you might run into some clerk who served as a Marine in Korea; worst he would do is slice you gut-to-sternum with a trench knife…now a days you got to worry about some dude going from full-mount to rear-naked-choke on your ass. Thank god we’re not all giant pussies like our ancestors!

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