Drink Time With Cracker

Posted: January 6 @ 5:00pm by Cracker in Bolivian

Thank god the holidays are over. I’m sick and fucking tired of going to holiday parties where every asshole in the room thinks they’re a goddamned expert bartender! Get that fucking “mojito” as far away from me as possible. Maybe Cracker is just too simple of a guy, maybe my “palette” isn’t refined enough to enjoy a glass of liquid-nastiness like the cultured masses. “But Cracker, what does a simple guy like you drink” you might ask? Well it’s as cold as keystoned’s prom date outside, so there’s only one drink that warms me right up…actually it’s two drinks (2 is always better than one, unless it’s STD’s or broken legs). Today’s drink is bourbon with a beer-back. Specifically a bottle of “Pappy van Winkle” bourbon that my sister bought me for Chanukah and the beer is Stone Brewery’s Imperial Russian Stout. This is a powerful combination for powerful men. L’chaim!


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