Is Joe Paterno Dead Yet, Or What? UPDATE: Yup. . . Dead.

Posted: January 22 @ 10:45am by scrody in Bolivian
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A bunch of sites are reporting that he lost the good fight, but CBS Sports updated it’s article, saying the family refutes the reports. I can’t imagine he has much of a desire to hang on. It would probably take a long time to build your reputation back up after playing enabler to your buddy’s kiddie diddling habit. And at 85, time is not really something you have in abundance. Might as well just turn in and call it a life.

UPDATE: He croaked. He’s now in the great locker room in the sky, where he can cover up for Jesus raping baby cherubs. God speed.

  1. 007 says:

    What a classless blog post.. I like it

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