4 Year-Old Kid Offers To Share His Pot With The Entire Classroom At Snack Time

Posted: January 26 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Reuters]  A four-year-old U.S. boy who announced to his teacher at school snack time that he wanted to share pulled nine bags of marijuana out of his jacket pocket, police said on Wednesday. Police in Meriden, Connecticut were called to Hanover Elementary School Tuesday afternoon after the young special needs student displayed the drugs, authorities said. Meriden police said the nine individually wrapped bags of marijuana appeared prepared for sale. Hanover Elementary School principal Miguel Cardona called it an “extremely unfortunate” and “isolated” incident that was not witnessed by any other students. “What’s so disheartening is this is really an adult issue and problem and adult behavior put a student at risk,” Meriden schools superintendent Mark Benigni told Reuters. “This student had no idea what he brought to school or what the substance was,” he added. Authorities are not releasing the names of the student or parents and police said there is a possibility for arrests pending the outcome of the investigation. The Department of Children and Families is also looking into the incident.

Why the fuck is this so disheartening & risky, Superintendent Benigni?  Does the school really think this special needs retarded 4 year-old was a weed-slinging entrepreneur ready to introduce the pre-school student body to the ultimate gateway?  Is administration worried that his parents are expanding their drug operation & enlisting the services of their son to tackle a new demo?  In all actuality this kid’s some sort of idiot savant.  Little sped bastard just outright swiped & stuffed his pockets with a bunch of Ziploc-ed nugs before diming out his parents like some Underoos-wearing midget undercover narc.  Went about it smooth, too.  Didn’t tattle like a snitch (by definition at least) but instead dismantled the household pot production by partaking in perhaps the single most important lesson a child should learn. Sharing.  Share your toys.  Share you snacks.  Share your parents’ schwag & have them locked up. Definitely a crucial skill to have in foster care when all the delinquents beat the snot out of him to “share” his sneakers, money, clothes, food, bed…


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