Parents Pissed That Their Piss-Bucket 4 Year-Old Had To Clean Up Her Own Piss In School

Posted: January 30 @ 11:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[Sun]  A schoolgirl disabled after fighting a huge brain tumour wet herself in school — and was forced to clean it up in front of all her classmates. Liberty Rose Finn, four, has been left with incontinence issues due to her cancer. But her callous teacher made her tidy up after herself before making her stand facing a wall for ten minutes. Parents Carl and Dawn Finn were horrified when Liberty and her twin sister Destiny came home from school to tell them of the girl’s humiliation. And they were outraged further after complaining to Church Gresley Infant and Nursery School in Swadlincote, Derbys, just to get a letter saying the incident had been “fully investigated” and “dealt with”. The school also said appropriate action had been taken and the member of staff concerned “deeply regrets what has happened”. The family, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, have now hit back over the way the incident was handled. Carl said: “We strongly feel that the school, the board of governors and the education authority are trying to quietly sweep the matter under the carpet. “The teacher wasn’t suspended while the investigation was carried out. We have been told the governors have looked into the matter and they reassure us that our child’s welfare is of paramount importance and that appropriate action has been taken. However, they have not told us what the action was. My wife and I have watched our daughter bravely battle cancer. We have seen her inspire thousands of people. We will not see her humiliated in public. We cannot let this matter go with just a warning.”

Let me just state, before I tee off on a 4 year-old brain-cancer-surviving sped, I 1000% believe the children are our future.  We should undoubtedly teach them well & let them lead the way…show them all the beauty they possess inside.  It’s great that Liberty Rose lives on.  That being said, how long is this little cunt’s parents gonna milk this kid’s tumor?  I mean is Miles Davis here supposed to be treated like a regular child or does she just want to be the brain tumor poster-person for the rest of her yellow existence?  That’s why she fought so hard?  To be excused from any speck of common human decency & consequence?  Or is the goal for her to embark on as normal a life as possible?

Listen, honey, if you piss on the floor you clean it up.  End of story.  Maybe you’re allowed to make it rain golden showers all over your house, but that’s not how it works in the general public.  What was the expected outcome?  The school supply pee-stained Liberty with some fresh new Hello Kitty duds while her teacher & classmates each grab a napkin to soak up her mess?  Then class resumes as if nothing happened?  An educator’s job consists of ensuring their environment is conducive to the betterment of the class as a whole, not just one girl who’s parents think it’s OK to take a leak wherever the fuck you want if you’ve survived a major childhood surgery.  Talk about having a swollen head – and I thought that’s what the doctors supposedly fixed.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love reading the stories. They are quite interesting, but to say none the least , 610 your a major moron. Honestly. Maybe the brain tumor had effects on her bladder control. Do we know the whole story? No. The child is 4 years old and pretty much was public humiliated by her teacher. Some compassion should have been shown by that teacher. Also, 610 why don’t you read over your posts before posting them because your grammar and errors just show your ignorance.

    • 610 says:

      How dare you claim there’s grammatical errors in my posts! Find one! ONE!

      Here’s the bottom line, Anonymous – regardless of the reasoning, if you’re gonna piss your pants in public I’m pretty sure that’s the humiliating act, to which she did to herself. Cleaning it up is the responsible one, to which the teacher instructed her to do.

      If you can’t control your number ones then maybe you shouldn’t be in a classroom of normal, non-pants-pissers.

    • scrody says:

      “but to say none the least , 610 your a major moron” might be my favorite sentence ever posted. Not in this comments section… not on this site… I’m talking my favorite sequence of words every scribed on the entire internet.

  2. Spoofer says:

    Ok, I apologize, the two errors I saw were my misreading. Still though, #1 ; There should have been some type of compassion and #2 ; I do agree with you on the fact that if you can not control your bladder, you should not be in that situation. Have you ever heard the 15 second saying?
    We use it a lot in the police world or else things would be chaos. Really it’s simple. What happened 15 seconds before you arrived on the scene. In this little girls defense I just want to say that you really don’t know what kind of day she had. Did her dad just beat her mom and she was just in a total whacked out mind frame? Just some thoughts 😉

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