What Do You Think This Girl Wished For?

Posted: March 1 @ 1:30pm by scrody in Bolivian
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I think she wished for friends that weren’t complete assholes. No joke though, I am the birthday cake face smash master in my family. Every birthday party for at least the last ten years, I always ask the birthday kid if their cake smells funny. When they lower their melon to give it a sniff… SPLAT! I have a pretty good success rate with kids, and so far only one of them has cried. Not because I knocked him out or anything, he was just embarrassed. Adults are a little tougher. You have to be pretty subtle and really sell it. But it can be done.

These chicks (they’re chicks, right?) are total amateurs though. Complete disgrace to the cake smashing game. Why would you try making your move when she’s fully upright? Once you knock her out cold, why would you poke her, prod her and then lift her head up and drop it back onto the table? Why do you not GET HER DAMN FACE OUT OF THE CAKE? Suffocating in a pile of angel food cake is no way to go. Not to mention the broad on the right who continues to eat the cake as her friend is asphyxiating in it… with her fake hand. Creepy.


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