“When You Do It, Let Me Know So I Can Open My Ass” Apparently Wasn’t Supposed To Air On This Newscast

Posted: March 9 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Australia]  SBS has apologised for the inappropriate babble of World News presenter Ricardo Goncalves who was unaware of being recorded and whose conversation was broadcast live to air. Goncalves appeared to be reading a preview ahead of the 9.30pm bulletin, when a staff make-up artist steps into shot and begins powdering his nose. When the make-up artist asks him a question, the young newsreader replies: “would you ask Anton (Enus) and Janice (Petersen) questions? Treat me the same way you treat them.” The business reporter then jokes that a colleague is “busy pretending to be a journalist.” Continuing his conversation with another person off screen, he quips: “when you do it, let me know so I can open my a**.” An SBS spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph: “Goncalves was engaged in lighthearted banter with members of the crew unaware he was being recorded. “Due to an error the conversation was accidentally broadcast in South Australia and Queensland. “SBS apologises to any viewers who found any remarks offensive.”

“Lighthearted banter”?  Yeah I guess you could call it that.  “Hey, makeup bitch, don’t speak unless spoken to”…hahaha.  “Oh, look at so-and-so pretending she’s hard at work actually being a journalist”…aaaaahahahaha.  “Oh yeah?  Well just give me a heads-up so I can bend over and gape my asshole”…ha…wait, what?  I don’t know about the news world, but at my job there’s a distinct difference in cracking jokes about a colleague’s work ethic and preparing to drop trou & show my colon.  Although I guess you can’t discipline a gay dude for being gay.  Probably just got confused for a second with the camera in front of him as to whether he was at work or on set for “Everybody Does Raymond”.


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