In 2012, We’re Still Supposed To Keep Black People’s Love For Watermelon A Secret

Posted: March 12 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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"Nigga, please..."

[Nerve]  From the jive-talking black crows in Dumbo to the Uncle Remus character in Song of the South to the anti-Semitic portrayal of Aladdin’s Iago, patterned after Shakespeare’s Shylock and Marlowe’s Barrabas (okay, that last one might be a bit of a stretch), Disney has a longstanding tradition of delighting children with offensive racial stereotypes. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the company used Princess Tiana, the heroine of 2009’s Princess and the Frog and the first black Disney princess in history, to sell watermelon-flavored candy. As Sociological Images reports, the Valentine’s Day-themed product is a Dig’n’Dips Candy Stick & Dip (above), featuring Sleeping Beauty on the “dipping stick” side and Tiana on the “dipping candy” side. The white Sleeping Beauty character decorates the vanilla-flavored candy, while Tiana decorates the side that contains the watermelon-flavored candy. Um, cool, guys. I guess we should be thankful it’s not grape drink. Truth be told, this seems more like a prolonged brain-fart on the candy company’s behalf than actual racism, but considering how long it took Disney to create a black character that didn’t sing about how fun it is to be a slave, they’d be well-advised to think more about being racially sensitive and less about trying to enslave the minds of princess-loving, candy-craving youngsters. But then again, asking Disney to stop thinking about money is kind of like asking the sun to stop shining, so at least we can still fault them for trying to market something as repulsive as watermelon-vanilla Dig’n’Dips.

I think racism is as hilarious as the next guy, but I’ve never gotten the whole ‘watermelon’ bit.  If this were a banana flavor then yeah, OK, maybe you might want to distance yourself from the whole ‘monkey’ connotation.  You make a fried chicken flavored dipping candy & you’re just going out of your way to throw a racial jab – although KFC-flavored candy with Princess Tiana’s black ass on the package would undoubtedly crack me up.  But what’s so wrong with being associated with watermelon?  What’s the punchline?  Who DOESN’T like watermelon?  I mean if you’re gonna make a candy, the first flavor has gotta be H2O-melon (or maybe fruit punch).  If they reversed Princess Cracker with Princess Moolie there’d still be a backlash.  “Oh, Tiana’s gotta be the vanilla stick, huh?  Wishin’ she was white, doin’ alllll the work while that pasty Sleeping Beauty bitch gets alllll the credit for her watermelon deliciousness. Why’s the black chick gotta be the spoon?  Tiana’s the one with flava…”  And option C?  Leave her off the packaging entirely.  No African-American promotion allowed just to ensure there’s no racial mishaps. How’s that sound?

Bottom line is that some black people are gonna buy their daughters or faggy sons the candy with the black princess on it since she’s the one they can visually identify with best.  So if you’re gonna by this shit based on race, why complain when the producers have taken that into consideration and offered little black kids the flavor they love the second-most?  Yes, second.  Make no mistake about it, Purple Drank Dig’n’Dips would destroy watermelon & be the #1 most stolen candy in the ghetto.

  1. Cracker says:

    I always thought the cocoa krispies elves should be black. Who ever heard of three white dudes whose nicknames were “Snap, Crackle and Pop”

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