Check Out This HS Guidance Counselor Testifying That The Band Director Couldn’t Have Fucked A Student Because She Was Blowing Him

Posted: March 13 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[The Ledger]  Former Lakewood High School band director Raphael McLean went on trial this week, accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student in his office inside the band room. But his attorney, Val Shealey, offered a novel defense: that McLean had sex there with an adult, not a student; specifically with a guidance counselor. And on Wednesday that guidance counselor, Danielle Johnson, testified, “I performed oral sex on Mr. McLean in his office.” She said she did so twice, in the winter of 2010. She said she was testifying because “I just want to do what’s right.” Afterward, she went to school board headquarters and resigned. For the defense, Johnson’s testimony provided a possible explanation of why McLean’s semen was found on the desk and chair in his office — because of a secret encounter with a fellow adult, not a criminal encounter with a child. For the Tampa Bay area, it was another weird twist in the annals of teachers committing questionable and sometimes illegal sexual acts. But to Assistant State Attorney Christopher LaBruzzo the case provided clear evidence McLean, who was married, had sex with the 15-year-old girl, and “he did so on campus, in his office in the middle of the day.” McLean, 28, extolled by his attorney as a former member of the famed Florida A&M marching band, was a popular teacher and band director at Lakewood, even a father figure for some students. His band room often filled with youths. The student, now a 17-year-old college-bound senior, said McLean frequently complimented her and eventually began talking about sex. Her name is withheld from this report because of the nature of the allegations.

OK wait – first of all, since when do high school band directors have an office??  Did she mean “the instrument closet”?  Anyway, this story is 1000% bullshit, and the fact that this case was bounced outta court due to a hung jury is a travesty.  Sure, on the surface, all the pieces fit.  First and foremost, this fat slob stepping forward on her own accord & essentially ending her career seems like something that’d be done only if it was the God’s-honest truth.  I get that.  Now, take a good look at the blubbery white snowflake in that picture – then let me introduce you to Raphael McLean.  You see where I’m going with this?  Similar to a black person’s insatiable desire for all things watermelon, great white whales love the Afro-American dingaling.  This hog fits the bill.  As a matter of fact, rumor has it half her testimony needed to be repeated because she was talking with her mouth full of that big, black microphone staring right at her fat face.  So there’s absolutely, positively ZERO doubt Danielle Johnson blew Raphael McLean at school.  So where does the story unravel?  DNA, of course.  Puts the timing of the blow job into serious question.  Never in the history of black dudes face-fucking hefty white heifers has the hog not swallowed.  No, I’m not 3/5 or Ricki Lake but that shit’s common knowledge.  So there’s no way McLean jizzed all over his desk & saxophone reeds after a little head from the guidance counselor.  You want to know when you cum haphazardly all over the place?  When you’re tapping an under-aged student raw & you abruptly pull out so you don’t go to jail and pay child support.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was on the jury. He was guilty. One juror that ironically matched his race(the rest did not) would not find him guilty. The rest where without a doubt and debated the subject for 6hrs. Until 8PM
    Justice was not served.
    If the prosecutor would have just proved the guidance counselor swallowed every last drop. As stated by the defense attorney “the seed of doubt would not have been present”.

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