“All The Cool Girls Are Lesbians” T-Shirt Too Cool For School

Posted: March 14 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Fox News]  The principal of a Boston-area public high school is standing firm in his school’s decision to ban a female student from wearing a T-shirt that says, “All The Cool Girls Are Lesbians.” Lynn English High School principal Tom Strangie told FoxNews.com that the student was asked to cover up the shirt because it was deemed “disruptive” by school administrators – not because of the student’s sexual orientation. The student, who has not been publicly identified, was asked by Assistant Principal Joseph O’Hanagan to cover up the shirt after a teacher observed her wearing it in the school’s cafeteria. The girl complied, but later penned a letter to Lynn mayor and school committee chairman Judith Flanagan Kennedy, saying she felt her right to free speech had been violated, according to the The Item newspaper, which obtained a copy of it. She reportedly claimed in the letter that she was told not to wear the shirt “Because it’s political and offensive to some people.” “Well, frankly, I’m the one who feels offended,” she wrote. The newspaper reports that the student went on to say that a number of female students freely wear shirts that read “I love boys” without being reprimanded. But Strangie denied the claim, telling FoxNews.com, “If someone was wearing a shirt that said ‘All straight girls are cool,’ they’d be asked to cover up their shirt, too.” He said that the school’s student handbook explicitly states that any clothing considered “disruptive” is not allowed to be worn, though he acknowledged that the rules do not define the word in detail. Sarah Wunsch, a staff attorney for ACLU Massachusetts, told the New York Daily News that she sent a letter to the school on Monday, “to just give them some additional information about the law.” “The only disruption was the administrator telling her not to wear it,” Wunsch told the newspaper.

First of all, if this shirt were non-fiction it’d say “All Lesbians Are Ugly Cunts Unless They’re Experimenting Or Getting Paid”.  Now that that’s out of the way, I have no problem with this chick rocking her little ‘statement shirt’.  I’m a fan of them.  But don’t act as if you weren’t all geared up the night before when your new shirt came in the mail.  Let’s not pretend this isn’t EXACTLY what you wanted.  “I can’t WAIT for some judgemental, hetero son of a bitch to say something tomorrow…”  You had that letter written as soon as you clicked ‘Confirm’ on LesboTees.com’s PayPal page.  And again, I’m with you. Fight the good box-chowing fight.  However, your insistence on claiming this was an act of bigotry and comparing it to straight sluts wearing “I Love Boys” shirts is about as much of a stretch I’ve seen since I saw a “cool” dyke take a double-fisting on RedTube.

I mean if you dissect what your shirt says, you’re actually advertising to your peers who love the cock that they’re not cool.  No school administrator should allow a student to outwardly put down their peers.  And comparing it to “I Love Boys” is no comparison at all.  If you were to tell me there’s chicks all over Lynn English donning “I Love My Pussy Filled With Big Dicks”, then we’d be comparing apples to apples.  Or, if your shirt said “All The Cool Girls Love Girls” – same thing.  But it says lesbians.  Lesbians, defined, are a group of socially awkward, unattractive girls shunned by the opposite sex who bury their tears in the beavs of other bitches like them.  So if I apply a little Modus Tollens here, we can safely deduce that your shirt says “All The Cool Girls Eat Pussy”.  You can’t wear that to school.  That shit’s disruptive.


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