Mike D’Antoni Quits. I Wonder How The Dude Who Spent 20k On A Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Is Feeling. . .

Posted: March 14 @ 3:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Well, so much for LINsanity, running, gunning & everything else Mike D’Antoni brought as coach of the Knicks.  As if Melo’s return wasn’t enough, this bailout by the most offensive offense-only coach is just going to further plummet Jeremy Lin into mediocrity.  Anyone have the latest Beckett so I can compare the current value to the winning bid from 3 weeks ago?

Anyway – what happens now?  Since this resignation coincides with Carmelo’s whinefest, is he now the interim player/coach?  How many times has Phil Jackson laughed his ass off answering phone calls about his interest in being the next Knicks coach?  Is the next guy going to teach a 10-year PF who’s never played defense how to play defense?  Will Melo’s ridiculously round melon all of a sudden shrink in the presence of a new leader so he doesn’t pout about no one seeking his input or not getting the ball where & when he wants it instead of potentially developing another element to his game?  Sure, D’Antoni deserves his share of the blame, but the fact of the matter is there’s a reason why these 2 “superstars” hadn’t won anything before they got here.  If & when this duo can actually come to grips with doing whatever it takes to win then maybe they’ll be the true threat in the East we all were hoping for when they came aboard – but it’s hard for me to believe there’s a coach alive that could actually change their mentality.  It’s probably too late.  They’ve already been over-appreciated for everything they’ve done for their own careers without actually achieving much with their respective teams.  It’ll always be everyone’s fault but their own…except if/when they win, of course.


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