Peyton All But Inked With The Broncos, Tebow On The Block

Posted: March 19 @ 1:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Yahoo]  Per Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Peyton Manning has made his decision … and he’s taking his talent to the Mile High City. Mort reported that Manning had advised agent Tom Condon to wrap up negotiations on what is believed to be a five-year, $95 million offer. The belief is, according to multiple reports, that the Broncos will now try to trade quarterback Tim Tebow. An expanded report from Mortensen and Adam Schefter indicates that Manning called Broncos VP of Operations John Elway on Monday morning to inform him of the decision. Manning also called the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, the other two teams in the running for Manning’s services, to inform them.

I’m actually a little surprised he didn’t go with the 49ers, who were rumored to be ponying up the biggest offer.  Maybe Manning’s just a pussy like that and couldn’t handle a potentially overbearing coach in Harbaugh or the potential for Randy Moss drama – but between playing in the weakest division & loaded with undoubtedly the youngest up-and-coming defense in the league you’d have to think that’d be a better landing spot.  Even the offensive weapons are better – not great, but better.  He chose the Broncos though, where I guess he feels is the best place where he won’t catch any lip. Somewhere, Tim Tebow weeps.  Listen, Tebowmania was pretty overbearing at times, but truth be told you at least have to respect the dude for doing so much with so little.  Still, we’re talking Peyton Manning here so there shouldn’t be any sour grapes.  As Peyton Manning takes over for him as the starting QB in Denver, Mr. 3:16 will now take over the daily ESPN focus while we wait and see where he ends up.

Can Elway feel any luckier right now?  Dude just has an excuse in the form of a sure-fire HOF QB fall into his lap and can scrap Tebow like he’s always wanted without being the bad guy.  You know that’s exactly what he’ll say too.  “Listen, no one loved what Timmy did for us more than I did.  I was ready to roll with him as the leader of our franchise for years to come, but come on – it’s Peyton Manning…” Can’t argue there.

P.S. – If Elway has a stroke or Manning breaks his neck this season, I will follow Him.


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