Watch This Dude’s St. Patty’s Day Take A 180 At The 40-Second Mark

Posted: March 19 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

BOOM!  That shit’ll ruin your holiday.  One minute you’re throwing reckless haymakers at bitches and unsuspecting little dudes, the next minute you’re on your ass with the world spinning.  Nothing like having civility and reasonability pounded into you with a right to the grill.  Who is this bald little superhero?  Guy doles out a fist full of justice then basically saves the dude from getting stomped into bolivian.  I guess it’s good to be the only one who can throw a punch when shit gets a little out of hand – unlike the worst sucker punch in history at the 1:15 mark.  I don’t know why he’s bouncing around on his toes.  As soon as he threw that punch he should’ve just put his head down and sat his ass on the curb.  No doubt he blamed it on his bandaged wrist to his buddies.  “Dude, you try and throw a punch with a moderate sprain!”


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