Girlfriend Gets Her Man Stabbed By Dude Who Lists His Occupation As “Drug Dealer”

Posted: March 20 @ 11:30am by 610 in Bolivian
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[Tampa Bay]  A man who skipped out on his probation stabbed another man during a fight early Sunday morning, authorities said. Deaundre C. Barnes, 22, is accused of stabbing Thomas “Tommy” Grippo about 1:40 a.m. A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report states Grippo, 23, and his girlfriend began arguing at the home at 1908 Pleasure Drive. Barnes told the two to “shut up,” then began arguing with Grippo’s girlfriend, the report said. Grippo got between them and began fighting with Barnes. Grippo told investigators he didn’t realize he’d been stabbed until he got home and saw he was bleeding, the report states. He was treated at the scene. Barnes, who lists his occupation as “drug dealer,” was arrested at the Pleasure Drive home. The deputy asked him what happened and Barnes refused to talk. “I’m going to jail anyways,” he said, according to the report. He was sentenced last June to five years of drug offender probation on cocaine and other charges, according to the Florida Department of Corrections, which listed him as an “absconder/fugitive.” Barnes was charged Sunday with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and violating his probation. He’s being held without bail at the Pasco jail.

Typical loudmouth bitch.  Listen, if you’re gonna get into a shouting match with your man at 1:30am, knock yourself out.  Scream at the top of your lungs about his tiny dick, ugly cunt mom and how you fucked his best friend.  But when you’re told to shut up by a third party, it’s common courtesy to oblige.  You had your say, but now the both of you are annoying and quite frankly the hours of a professed drug dealer are a motherfucker.  A few Z’s would be nice.  Instead, this twat chose to start barking at Deaundre too.  Why?  Because when you’re wrong, as chicks usually are, it’s best to just keep the psycho-meter at a 10 and avoid all logic & reason.  Talk a bunch of shit to Troy Polamalu with some neck ink because you’re so sure he won’t hit you and, when he becomes a threat, have your boyfriend Tommy step in to defend you.  Weren’t you just in the middle of emasculating him?

I guess I shouldn’t hate on the puppet master here.  This broad couldn’t have had the situation play out any better.  Screaming like a maniac about whatever she was obviously wrong about, taking shot after shot at Tommy’s manhood before directing her lunacy at Deaundre.  Getting her man to all of a sudden stop fighting with her & throw hands with a drug dealer on her behalf.  Having a drug dealer plunge a knife into Tommy, that poor sucker.  Now she gets to play caretaker and act like a good girl while her maniacal behavior that triggered all this in the first place is long forgotten.

We sure sluts are stupid?


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