Moms Pulling Kids Out Of Calendar Model’s Nursery School Because “She Is Too Attractive”

Posted: March 20 @ 2:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Daily Mail]  Furious parents have pulled their children out of an Italian nursery school after it emerged that one of the teachers posed for glamour calendars as part of her extra curricular activities. Brunette Michela Roth, 38, sparked fury among mothers at the school but – unsurprisingly – not fathers, after news leaked out that she had posed in sexy see through underwear. American born Miss Roth, who has lived in Italy for more than ten years, has also won several beauty contests including ‘Miss Mamma Italiana’ and ‘Miss Cultetto D’Oro’ (Miss Golden Bottom) and has been the talks of TV chat shows and newspapers since the story broke. Miss Roth, is a teacher at Castello di Serravalle near Bologna and today was not at all fazed at the fact parents has pulled their children out of the nursery. She said: ‘For me being a model is my second job. I do shoots when school is over and especially in the holidays when I am back in the United States. I am always dressed in the pictures and never naked. ‘Maybe I could have been a model but I just love being a teacher. I think there is a little bit of envy going on here and it has gone over the top – there are also mums who tell me that their children can’t wait to see me in the morning.’ Miss Roth found herself in the spotlight after posing for a Harley Davidson calendar and after news leaked out furious parents began pulling their children out of the school with one telling the local newspaper: ‘She is too attractive and I don’t want her teaching my son.’

I was always under the impression shit like this only went down in America.  Figured Europe & their thongs and Speedos were cool with a little see-through lingerie along with their hairy chick pits, jungle bushes, etc.  Guess not.  Apparently overweight, ugly mothers all over the world can’t handle dropping Timmy off at school and being reminded Monday through Friday how hideous they are.  I don’t blame them.  Just cut the crap & quit using your son as an excuse, you pig.  He’s in nursery school.  That’s, what, 4 years old?  Sure, kids are pulling threesomes and double-penetration in like 5th grade nowadays, but that’s still 6 years away.  Pretty sure Miss Golden Bottom’s bottom isn’t distracting your kid any from pissing his pants or chugging finger paint.  Miss Mama Italiana is just splashing the truth right in your fat face like marinara sauce – I’m sure that’s tough to bear.  No doubt it’s infuriating when you’re husband’s up early every morning all of a sudden offering to help out with the kids so he can go to school and beat off in the minivan before work.  It’s just that you’re a mess now and you’d rather make excuses for your dilapidated existence instead of using Miss Roth as a sexy resource to at least help make you look human again.  Acting as if her calendar shoot is reason enough to discredit her teaching ability so you don’t have to be so embarrassed about your muffin top & sweatpants.  Whatever helps you get by, I guess.


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