Check Out My Healthy Knees

Posted: March 27 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

It’s not a visual video, but crank it up for the audio.  This is what I hear every time I walk stairs, sit down, ride a bike, do squats (i.e. take a shit), etc.  Bear in mind I’m just holding my phone in the general vicinity of my knees as I do 3/4 body-weight squats to share with you the sweet sound of health.  No boom mics present, nor am I putting my joints through a superhuman feat.  This is after a quick workout & 20 minutes on the bike too, so this is about as warmed up as it gets.  Granted, I’ve never been confused with Jesse Owens so I’m not losing the speed I never had.  But I’m pretty sure my 33 year-old knees are going on 80 & I’m on borrowed time even as far as WALKING is concerned.  I play on a couple of hockey & beer league softball teams too – so these are relatively active knees which, instead of a well-oiled machine, sound like Precious tip-toeing to the fridge on bubble-wrap.  Soon enough, I’m just gonna lose a leg when a knee crumbles like it’s made of toothpicks one random day getting out of bed.  I just figured there’d be a handful of people out there who are now happy to have a hint of my demise to look forward to.


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