Dude Arrested For Dropping His Pants In Public & Filming Their Reactions

Posted: March 28 @ 2:30pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[Kitsap Sun]  A 56-year-old Central Kitsap man was arrested Monday for dropping his pants and then filming reactions of students on Olympic High School’s campus, according to documents filed in Kitsap County District Court. Craig E. Donelson was charged by county prosecutors Tuesday with voyeurism. Kitsap County sheriff’s deputies arrested Donelson Monday morning. Security at the school, who’d investigated a similar incident the week before, found Donelson after female students had witnessed the man with his pants down. Detectives said Donelson was aroused by the reactions of people at the sight of his buttocks, which he would film on a camera. He said he’d been doing it for “five-10” years, including three times over the past few weeks at the school. He told detectives that “he did not like what he was doing and that he knew it was wrong,” court documents said. He was taken to the Kitsap County jail on $75,000 bail.

Wait – he was just mooning?  If today’s America means you get taken to the clink on $75k bail for mooning a few high school broads, then color me Al-Qaeda.  I’m not even kidding when I ask what the fuck did Craig Donelson do that hasn’t been done a bazillion times before him?  Butt cheeks are harmless and, more often than not, a crowd-pleaser.  I’m not saying I walk around town hoping to get mooned, but if it happens I’m gonna crack a smile (see what I did there?).  Especially if I’m in high school.  How was he charged with voyeurism, anyway?  Indecent exposure – OK I can see that.  But last I checked, voyeurs were the audience, not the talent.  This case is such bullshit I can’t stand it.  Fuck the hoodie & Skittles, it’s time to free Craig Donelson.

  1. Brandi says:

    OMFG awesome

    I am totally getting a zazzle.com t shirt with “Free Craig Donelson” superimposed over a crescent moon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me.. As one of the High school victims involved in this exact case you’re talking about.. It was WRONG. He was exposing himself, and recording us without consent. TWICE. The second time he got caught he deleted all of the evidence as the Security guard got to him. Coincidence, huh? He followed us onto school grounds as well. And, you forgot to leave out the part about how after he was released from prison around 3 am.. Not even 9 hours later he was re-arrested. He was charged with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. He had beaten his wife, and now they’re getting a divorce. Both my friend and I were involved in 2 of those 3 incidents.
    Besides the fact, he’s been doing it for 5-10 years.. does that NOT reek of the essence of him being a pedophile?? And I don’t know who the hell you are to say any of this if you don’t know what happened. He’s a sick, sick man and everyone who is like him deserves to rot.
    He’s emotionally scarred my friend and I, and probably whoever he has done this to within the long time period he has done this.. and I plan to make it so he is in jail for a long, LONG time. No one deserves this.
    Goodbye, Craig Eugene Donelson(:

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to go to this Court hearing so bad.. Get the information. I’m sure it’s out there.
      He’s going to end up in Prison, so I hope you like this(:

    • 610 says:

      Emotionally scarred? Serious question – how fat are you? Reason I ask is because hot chicks or people with friends don’t have time to be “emotionally scarred” in high school over such bullshit. How’d you find this write-up anyway? Why Google something that has damaged you and your friend for life? Just kill yourself now while your parents might still give a fuck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not fat enough for him to do this to me and my friend twice, Thanks(:
        I’m not a twig but I’m not obese. So check yourself dude. This had nothing to do with you.. Unless you wrote this. Which then I’d say you’re a pretty fucked up dude. But I’m pretty sure people could already tell you that 😀 And I had to Google it to find the website I have to contact to figure out when the Court hearing is this week if I have to testify. As it seems though he is most likely pleading Guilty anyways.. So I won’t have to worry about going to fight about it.
        You’re screwed up yourself.. Going to tell a girl to kill herself over the Internet that you don’t even know. Lmao xD

        • 610 says:

          Whatever you say, tons of fun. Strange how this scarred you so horribly yet you’re proud to point out this guy picked you, so you can’t be THAT repulsive. So, did he boost the egos of you and your fat friend or ruin your lives? Make up your mind. Either way, whoever told you that dudes only drop their pants in public for hot chicks was clearly being sarcastic.

          Most people involved in criminal cases have to Google their court dates. Makes sense. I stand corrected.

          • Anonymous says:

            Who said I was proud that he picked me? I wish it wouldn’t have happened to me.. Or anyone for that matter. You’re just going off of what you *think* is a good judgement, but in all reality is warped. But yet again.. Making assumptions. I never said he ruined our lives, but of fucking course we’re scared. Still are. He lives across the street from one of my relatives. She’s told me MANY stories about him even before all of this happened.. Then to happen to us? Umm.. No.
            Also, he just keeps making excuses to postpone the date since he knows he is gonna be arrested. But he can buy the time as long as he wants, either way he’s ending up there.

            Although, I didn’t say I had to Google the court date, I said I had to Google the way to contact who I was supposed to, to find out when it was. Sooo whatever(:

  3. Fred Williams says:

    He is out due to lack of evidence in the court system. It is quite a set-up. This is untrue in the fact if you look at the way you look at the factor of 5-10 years. This is false. It was only for a 7 day period and he had no camera.

  4. Fred Williams says:

    I just heard he is now living in the Bahamas with his friends from St. Thomas. What a life.

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