Elderly Lady Facing Life Sentence For Beating Son’s Gay Roommate With A Cane

Posted: March 30 @ 1:00pm by 610 in Bolivian
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[NBCDFW]  A 71-year-old Richland Hills grandmother was charged with a hate crime after she attacked a gay neighbor with her cane while yelling offensive slurs, police said. Wanda Derby bonded out of jail Thursday afternoon. The victim, Lloyd Guerrero, 25, said the attack followed days of growing tension. Derby’s son moved in with Guerrero and his family about a week ago, he said. Guerrero said the attack Wednesday night was unprovoked. “Honestly, it looked like something out of a TV show. She just, like, whack,” Guerrero said, motioning with his hand. “And I will say, she hit pretty hard.” Guerrero, an actor, said Derby also slapped his mother and assaulted several others. “We finally got the cane and got it away from her and threw it on the ground,” he said. “And then that’s when I ran around and got inside the house. And then we started trying to shut the door. And she was like, full force, coming. I honestly don’t know what she was thinking or what she even had in her.” The responding police officers saw marks and bruising on Guerrero’s throat and torso. Guerrero said Derby has repeatedly called him a slur referring to his sexual orientation. “I was very offended,” he said. “You just don’t go around calling people names because. It’s just not normal.” He also said she posted messages about him online. “She put on Facebook that I had AIDS and that I was going to die soon from AIDS anyway,” he said. His friends saw the postings and he said he’s had to reassure them he doesn’t have the disease. Police say the cane she used is considered a deadly weapon. The charge was enhanced as a hate crime. According to Texas law, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon carries a maximum 20-year prison term. However, as a hate crime, the possible sentence increases to life behind bars. “She deserves every bit of it,” Guerrero said.

Can I be a little “politically incorrect” for once?  I’d just like to use this story to explain the difference between being “gay” and being a “faggot”.  Lloyd Guerrero happens to be both, but the distinctions are unrelated.  For example – it’s gay for him to blow his boyfriend.  It’s faggy of him to say a 71 year-old broad with a cane “hit pretty hard” while describing how he was under attack, unable to flee from her on foot & shut the door in her wrinkly mug.  Follow?  I know she looks like a bulldog but come on. She’s still a 71 year-old with a cane.  You’re a 25 year-old jackhammer of asses.  I’m not saying you should’ve gone into full cat-fight mode, but I’m pretty sure this all could’ve been avoided with a brisk pace.  I don’t know the circumstances – maybe your speed was debilitated by her son’s recent romp up your rectum – just seems like a little effort on your part would’ve made your life a little easier.  Then again, faggot actors are gluttons for drama.

P.S.  How gay are you when a random old lady posts “you have AIDS” on Facebook and you actually have to go around reassuring your friends she’s just crazy & you’re not gonna die?  Gayest dude ever?

  1. true says:

    First of all, u weren’t here to witness….2nd…u weren’t the one who had to deal with it. Sounds to me like u think u have all the answers to something u know nothing about. So before u go off on someone get ur facts and stories straight. Try being a neighbor who saw every bit of it and knows exactly how this woman is and exactly what she is capable of. Someone who walks the apt complex and makes threats. Out of respect for elderly…he did not strike back.

    • 610 says:

      I know everything I need to know about 71 year-old broads with canes and how to get away from them. If she had a lasso, then it’s a different story – but there’s no 71 year-old cane-wielding lady who any able-bodied 25 year-old dude can’t escape from easily. I don’t have to be a neighbor to know that.

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