Couple Suing Landlord For 27k For Take-Out Bills

Posted: April 2 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[UPI]  A New York City couple are suing their former apartment building management company for money they spent on takeout food while their gas was turned off. Beverly Taki, 66, and husband Louis Maione, 68, are suing their former co-op board and management company, Gumley Haft Realty, for $27,000 they say they spent on takeout food orders during the 10 months their gas was out, which left them unable to use their commercial-size, six-burner double oven stove, the New York Post reported. The couple said they paid a $5,700 a month maintenance fee while they lived in their Upper East Side apartment, but Gumley Haft did nothing to remedy the situation that began in October 2010. “They just seemed to disregard everybody,” Maione told the Post. “We cooked all the time. We had people over for dinner all the time. “My wife is a fabulous cook,” Maione said “I’d come home and my wife would have a rib roast ready or any number of desserts she was testing.” They appealed to Gumley Haft to install electric ovens until the gas could be restored, but Gumley Chief Executive Officer Dan Wollman allegedly told them, “That’s not going to happen,” the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court states. The couple ended up selling the apartment for $4.4 million in July 2011. It’s unclear what caused the gas to be shut off, since no one complained of a leak, the couple said. The newspaper said the company did not respond to call for comment.

Damn.  Even a $4 million apartment can’t get you a reasonable landlord in NYC.  I feel like I need to have a problem with these rich old fucks, but I don’t.  I’m actually surprised they’re simply trying to recoup their takeout spending and not an extra mil for pain & suffering endured for 10 months without Beverly’s rib roast.  But, in all honesty, it’s not like Gumley Haft put them on the line at the soup kitchen.  Bev had 10 months off with a perfectly reasonable excuse to not cook or have to go through the hassle of hosting dinner parties.  Louis got almost an entire year off from pretending she’s Julia Child.  And what’s “takeout” to a millionaire, anyway?  Not Domino’s.  Not Ming Ting’s.  I mean if you break $27k down over the span of 10 months, it comes to $90/day.  That’s if they ONLY ate takeout. Seeing as though they’re loaded, retired and living in Manhattan, I’m sure they spent their fair share out at restaurants as well.  So it’s safe to say their takeout dinners were at least $50 a pop.  I’d be happy as hell feasting on TGI Friday’s or Outback for dinner every night.  Yeah, sure, you deserve the money but stop pointing out that my “fine-dining” is your “slumming it”.


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