Dude Resigns After Entering His Dong In Office “Private Parts Contest”

Posted: April 2 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian
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[KDSK]  An Eastlake,Ohio city employee admits that he exposed himself and sent photos of his genitals to a co-worker as part of a “private parts contest.” Building Inspector Rich Vild dropped his pants in front of two female co-workers in September while they were standing in the parking lot of a Wickliffe night club. Vild also sent a photo of his penis to a different female colleague’s cell phone. “It was something that I regret,” Vild said. “A couple people go out and have a couple drinks and people coerce you into doing something. “There were other people there who were supposed to do the same thing. I left after that, so I don’t know what happened,” he added. Vild said the women in his office have a dirty little secret of their own: They were swapping graphic photos of men using city computers and on city time. He said one woman even used one of the snapshots as a screensaver for her work computer. “I know it was wrong, but I’m not the only one who was wrong here in the building,” said Vild. Vild said he reported the graphic material to the city finance director a few days ago. Mayor Ted Andrzejewski said he had no idea there was such an allegation. “I will look into it,” Andrzejewski said, including ordering a review of city computers.

Hey Rich, ever hear of “losing with dignity”?  You lost the private parts contest fair & square.  I’m not saying you should be pleased with defeat, but you didn’t really have a chance when Maurice the black janitor blindsided the competition with his entry.  You should be proud you were even in the running. You got a competitive hog, congratulations.  But quitting your job and blowing the whistle on the entire underground penis party is a little immature.  A real dick move, Dick.  I mean what do you get out of leaving a city job with a bunch of broads who have co-worker’s dongs as screensavers?  Boo-hoo, my cock never loses, wah wah – grow up, you sore loser.  You had it made.  For most of us, our next move after flashing a little mushroom tip to Jennifer in Accounting is a trip to HR and hiring a lawyer.  You, on the other hand, could walk around twirling your manhood around like a cop walking the beat with his nightstick and the worst that’ll happen to you is a photoshoot.  Ruined it for yourself and everyone else involved – which I don’t doubt includes Mayor Andrzejewski.  “A review of city computers” means “shit, how many of these sluts kept MayoralDick.jpg on their hard drives?”.


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