Broads’ Go-To “You Try Giving Birth” Excuse Destroyed Forever As 10 Year-Old Has A Baby

Posted: April 9 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Fox News]  A 10-year-old girl from Colombia recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Univision’s Primer Impacto reported. The girl, whose name is not being released due to privacy reasons, is from Manaure, a town in the Colombian Department of La Guajira, which is comprised of various indigenous tribes. The girl is a part of the Wayuu tribe in Northern Columbia. According to Univision, when the girl arrived at the hospital, she was bleeding heavily and screaming from the contraction pain. Univision reported that the girl “escaped certain death,” and doctors delivered the 5-pound, 5-ounce baby via caesarean section. Doctors said the girl did not understand what was going on. “We’ve already had two cases – lamentable because one girl was 10 years-old. We hope there aren’t anymore,” said Dr. Fabio Gonzalez, the gynecologist who treated her. It was unclear how the girl got pregnant or who the father is. For the time being, the mother and child will stay at the hospital. Experts say certain medical care needs to be given to such young mothers. A 10-year-old’s body would not be defined for pregnancy with its short stature, said Dr. Abdulla Al-Khan, a leading high-risk obstetrician, who was interviewed by in February 2010 when an 11-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy in the Northern U.S. At the time, Al-Khan noted that a pre-teen’s chest might not necessarily be developed enough for breast tissue – and exposing such a young child to high amounts of progesterone and estrogen could stunt her growth. Al-Khan said a C-section is the best bet in these cases, as such a young pelvis is not designed for childbirth.

See, I knew it.  I knew it wasn’t shit to have babies.  I mean I could never KNOW, but I knew.  Why would chicks be honest about childbirth when their lives are spent over-dramatizing every other inane part of their days?  Still, that was their go-to response to all.  Their Mariano Rivera.  “You think it’s so easy being a woman?  Then YOU try giving birth!”  Outside of the pure stupidity of that challenge based on my dick and lack of ovaries, I’d love to.  There’s nothing a 10 year-old girl can withstand that I couldn’t do in my fucking sleep.  This little tribal whore just shut bitches up worldwide.  Equality? Hahahahahaha.  Half your usefulness as a woman was just shoved up your twats.  It’s child’s play.  Just like taking a big shit.  The other half can be taken care of by our vivid imagination & left hand.  Listen, women, be happy you can vote, drive and get 2/3 of what a man makes in the corporate world.  The facade has been exposed.  You’re just lucky it’s illegal to fuck 10 year-olds (unless you’re part of some weird Colombian tribe), otherwise your life expectancy would be cut in half.  The only things that come with age are an increased ability to nag, an over-inflated self-worth & tits…and most of your tits ain’t worth it.


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