Kids Are Getting High Off Toiletries?

Posted: April 9 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[KOB]  It’s nothing special but it is a dangerous drink. It contains mouthwash mixed with hand sanitizer. Both items you can buy almost anywhere, but when mixed together it makes for a deadly combination. “They would simply pour it in the container or pour the hand sanitizer and drink it and share it,” said Albuquerque Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Feist. A bottle of hand sanitizer is the equivalent of five hard alcohol shots. “Mix that with 26 percent in Listerine, that’s a strong cocktail,” said Feist. APD has connected two deaths in the last five weeks to the concoction. Officers have found empty bottles of hand sanitizer and mouthwash at each crime scene. “We found a deceased female downtown at 5th and Marquette,” said APD Chief Ray Shultz. Last week, police say two people were drinking the mix when they beat and killed 42 year-old Kennard Chee with a rock. He was covered in blood and police found empty bottles nearby. “The effects on these people can be diarrhea, blindness, memory loss and internal organs. It’s not reversible,” says Feist. It’s not illegal to sell these two items, however APD is asking stores not to sell these mouthwash and hand sanitizer to someone who appears to be drunk. Over the next couple weeks, police will be visiting stores to educate cashiers about the deadly combo. They’re also concerned about these items being used by kids. They’re warning parents and teachers about the hygiene product cocktail. Alaska and Missouri also have reports of the growing trend.

Kids.  Purell & Scope cocktails?  That’s the new hotness?  Why?  Last I checked, it’s 2012.  I think Prohibition is over.  There’s no way it’s any more of a challenge to steal booze from your parents or have older brothers/sisters/strangers buy it for you.  Just stick with what’s worked for decades instead of concocting mixes of any household product with an alcohol content.  Sure, chugging a bottle of Purell equates to 5 slippery nipple shots but if we’re going down that road, why not witch hazel or paint thinner?  Oh wait – paint thinner is OK to huff.  Scratch that.  My point is, I know when I wanted to get fucked up as a kid it might have taken some effort, smarts & some extra money but I usually got my Zimas.  When I didn’t, it never crossed my mind to get down with some Purple Drank or the hand sanitizer/mouthwash combo.  Perhaps I’m old-fashioned.  Maybe I’m the one who’s not resourceful. Whatever the reason, it’s just disheartening nowadays to know that kids don’t even try for legit booze anymore.  They just raid the toiletries to catch a buzz and leave bodies behind in a bloodbath.  And here I thought the whole point of teenage drinking was to get Suzie alone to make some bad decisions.



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