So Yesterday I. . .Saw The Most Ridiculous Desk Attachment In Existence

Posted: April 11 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

Can you believe this shit?  All day yesterday it’s like a construction site next door, and apparently it was for this fucking desk crane.  Why?  Because, as my pal puts it, “Sometimes I get tired of sitting down.” Listen, I know the rap IT guys get.  We’re creeps.  Dorks.  Whatever.  My office doesn’t look much different than his, so the depressing plain-ness of it all doesn’t do much to refute those claims.  But a fucking desk crane?  So you can stand up and work?  What the fuck, bro?  How old do you have to be to get TIRED of SITTING?  Guy’s 4 months older than me.  Is this what I have to look forward to?  Jesus Christ.  If you’re bored or tired of sitting and need to stand, I get it.  That’s when you take a stroll.  Go somewhere and chat for a few.  I’m right next door, Jake.  Come on by.  And I know what you do at work. We instant message about iB, Barstool, BootyVote & how awesome it is to make so much money for doing nothing.  You can afford to take a timeout from that shit if you need a stretch.  This is easily the most unnecessary thing I’ve seen for a 30-something non-cripple.  Whenever I walk by his office and he’s standing up with his face buried in dual monitors, I’m whipping a mouse at his nuts.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I kinda like it with the keyboard stand and all but, it does look sort of ridiculous with tiny, mismatched monitors and a piece of shit Dell. Put in a couple nice 27″ monitors and a better PC…but seeing a the rest of the office furniture is straight out of the flintstones, that might be asking a little much

  2. IT guy #13 says:

    Maybe do a google search before you babble like an idiot

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