Catholic League Pissed At Kate Upton & Her “Nun-Kini”

Posted: April 13 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[StarPulse]  Officials at the Catholic League have lashed out at the brains behind new movie comedy remake The Three Stooges for putting supermodel Kate Upton in a barely-there bikini for a racy scene. The Sports Illustrated cover girl, who plays Sister Bernice in the film, strips down to a lacy black ‘nun-kini’ swimsuit and wimple for a pool scene in the new Farrelly brothers film – and religious leaders are not amused. A statement from Catholic League president Bill Donohue reads, “In the 1950s, Hollywood generally avoided crude fare and was respectful of religion. Today it specializes in crudity and trashes Christianity, especially Catholicism. Enter The Three Stooges.” “The movie is not just another remake: It is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we’ve changed is not encouraging.” Defiant studio executives at Fox have struck back, stating, “The movie, in keeping with the spirit of the original TV show and its stars, is a broad, slapstick comedy.” As the Stooges have proved over time, laughter is a universal medicine. The nuns that Mr. Donohue alludes to, are in fact, caring, heroic characters in the movie, albeit within the framework of a very broad comedy. And as far as the nun attire, I think we did the audience a favor by letting Kate Upton wear the nun-kini rather than (co-star) Larry David – it could have gone either way. We invite you to see the movie and decide for yourselves.”

Really?  The Catholic League is gonna get all up in arms over a supermodel in a nun-kini?  Trashes Catholicism?  Maybe Bill Donahue is a diehard Stooges fan.  He’s gotta be – who else would refer to a Farrelly brothers remake of the motherfucking THREE STOOGES as a cultural marker of sociological significance?  Regardless, this is one of those instances where the response is simple.  When you clean up your own internal boy-rape epidemic, then maybe we’ll consider your proclamations against a satirical nun with her tits out & disparaging it is to your religion.  It’s that simple.  “Do as I say, not as I do” ain’t gonna cut it.  It’s the same reason why no one wants a fat personal trainer.  You better have your own shit taken care of first before you got the balls to say Kate Upton’s cans are sacrilegious.  Face-fucking altar boys trashed Catholicism first.


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