Check Out This Bus Driver Who Kept Driving With Cop Hanging On His Windshield

Posted: April 13 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

A bus driver in Vietnam has been arrested after he drove more than a kilometre with a police officer clinging to his windscreen wipers. Traffic lieutenant Nguyen Manh Phan pulled over Phung Hong Phuong, 37, in Hanoi on Monday for driving on the wrong side of the road, VN Express reported. Phuong refused to produce his papers and rushed back to the bus, prompting the officer to jump onto the front in an attempt to stop him. For more than a kilometre Lieutenant Phan clung to the wipers of the 39-seat bus before pulling over after realising he was being chased by other police officers. Officers then had to restrain bystanders who tried to attack Phuong after he surrendered to police. Phuong then confessed that he had served a four-year prison term for running over and killing a person in the country’s south. He could now be charged with “acting against public officials”

What exactly is “acting against public officials”?  That doesn’t sound too threatening.  Right on par with jaywalking if you ask me.  I’d gladly take that rap in exchange for giving a cop a surprise joyride on the front of my bus.  Unless the punishment for “acting against public officials” includes caning chunks of my ass cheeks off.  Then, by all means, write the ticket.  Either way, let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to challenge someone while hiding behind whatever guise of protection they think they have. “You can’t hit me – I’m a woman!”  The odds are with you, but there are plenty who will just laugh and leave you spitting Chicklets.  “You can’t drive this bus!  I’m a public official!  Look at my badge!”  Most of the time, that’ll work – but sometimes it’s Phung Hong Phuong.  Professional people-runner-over-er. Enjoy the ride…

– thanks Steveo


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