Lady Tries To Help Injured Bobcat By Having It Bite Her So It’s Euthanized

Posted: April 13 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WPYV]  An adult bobcat caused quite a scene around 8:30 Thursday morning on US 301 just south of Symmes Rd. in Riverview. 911 took a call from a motorist. “People are trying to catch a bobcat in the median. A bobcat? Yea, there’s a bobcat and everybody’s getting out of their cars and they’re trying to catch this cat,” said the unidentified female driver. The bobcat apparently got hit by a car and was injured in the grass when one woman decided to help. “A well-meaning person decided to try to assist the animal; reaching out to touch it, to move it, to cover it with blankets and that person was bitten,” explained Marti Ryan with Hillsborough County Animal Services. Animal Services eventually picked up the bobcat. Because the bobcat is in a high-risk category for rabies, and it bit someone, its fate is already determined. “The Florida recommendations and compendium on rabies state very clearly the duty of our veterinarian. Which is in this case to humanely euthanize the animal for testing of the brain matter because we have to ascertain, for the health of the citizen, whether this animal is carrying rabies,” said Ryan. The bobcat is common in the bay area and usually roams at night. They prefer dense shrub thickets like those found just off of US 301. The unidentified woman who was bitten may be looking at extensive rabies treatments.

A well-meaning person?  No.  A well-meaning person would’ve simply called Hillsborough County Animal Services.  A nosey cunt would’ve tried to handle the situation her own stubborn self and not only get gnawed on, but ruin everyone else’s day in the process.  I hope you feel great about yourself.  You can tell everyone how selfless a person you are.  How you risked life and limb to help a poor, injured bobcat on the side of the road.  For some strange reason, though, the vulnerable cat freaked out when you tried to pick it up and attacked – so they had to kill it.  Would’ve been too much to ask for your stupid ass to leave it alone until the professionals arrived to take it away and potentially rehabilitate it.  Hey, you don’t know whether or not you have ET-like healing powers until you try, right?  Enjoy your rabies, cunt.


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