Is This The Black Brady Bunch Or One Dude’s Mug Shot Collection?

Posted: April 19 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WFLA]  Detectives are looking for a sex offender… who’s also a cross-dresser…and has several mugshots to prove it. The Polk sheriff’s office sent out pictures of 34-year-old Brelon Small, dressed as a man AND as a woman, with makeup and a wig. Small is a convicted child molester who failed to register, when he moved out of his trailer in Davenport, near Haines City. He’s five foot eight and weighs 175 pounds. He’s also been arrested for prostitution, drug dealing, theft and robbery. His aliases include Bonnie, Beosha, Andrew Washington… and ANDREA Washington.

Definitely, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, she looks nice.

Is this supposed to be helpful?  9 different pictures of 5’8″ black people?  That’s about the only common distinction here.  I bet this person doesn’t even exist.  Polk just came up with a unique way of racial profiling.  All African-Americans under 6′ but not a midget or obese in or around Polk County are about to be wrongfully questioned/searched/arrested on suspicion of kid-touching.  You even have a shit-ton of names to choose from.  You know how many black Beosha’s there probably are in Polk?  And this is all just information they have on record.  It stands to reason this mystery she-male has other aliases & disguises in the repertoire.  So here’s a friendly heads-up for all my Polk homies out there.  If you’re black with a penis and/or vagina who isn’t employed by a circus or the NBA, leave your crack at home.


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