Pssshh. . .The Rangers? In Trouble? Pssshh. . .

Posted: April 19 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

Are they gonna lose the series?  I doubt it.  But my answer to that question a week ago was a guarantee, not “I doubt it”.  Fact of the matter is, the Rangers have been outworked in each of the last 3 games.  Yes, they won the first game in Ottawa but they stole it thanks to an insane game by Lundqvist.  The only way I saw the Blueshirts having any problems in their run for the Cup was offensively.  Would they disappear like they did at times during the regular season?  Well if it were to happen, it wouldn’t happen against the Sens and Craig ‘2.87 GAA’ Anderson.  Right?  They came in as the worst defensive team to make the post-season, so if NY were to struggle, it’d be deeper into the playoffs.  Right?  What?  They have 2 even-strength goals in the last 3 games?  Oh, by “they” you mean “Brian Boyle”?

Hey Marian Gaborik, take a look around, bro.  Everyone else is doing their jobs.  Henrik is stopping 94% of the pucks thrown at him.  The PK would be 14/15 if not for a fluky bounce off MDZ’s skate in Game 2.  Your team blocked 31 shots last night.  Spezza & Karlsson have been kept pretty quiet.  So this now best-of-three falls on your shoulders.  Not Boyle’s.  Not Stralman’s.  You’re the finisher.  3rd in the NHL regular-season goals race.  You’re the biggest weapon on a legitimate Cup contender playing what should be a patsy #8 seed yet somehow you’ve put a mere 3 shots on goal in the last 3 games.  You averaged over 3 PER GAME in the regular season.  Drop the Houdini act.  You’d better show up Saturday or the Rangers could be joining the likes of Vancouver & Pittsburgh as 82-game wastes.


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