Feminists Pissed At LEGO For Making LadyFigs With “Little Breasts & Fancy Hair”

Posted: April 20 @ 2:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Fox News]  A feminist group has identified the enemy, and it is … LEGOs? The Danish company behind the interlocking plastic building blocks loved by children since 1949 has a meeting set for Friday with a Brooklyn group ticked off with LEGOs product line designed to appeal to girls. The new “LEGO Friends” rolled out in December featuring LadyFigs, curvier takeoffs on the traditional boxy LEGO men. Construction sets include a hot tub, a splash pool, a beauty parlor, an outdoor bakery and a “cool convertible,” as well as an inventor’s workshop. But the SPARK Movement objects to the “LadyFigs,” the female version of the little figures who man the spaceships, trucks and forts children create. “Ladyfigs” are somewhat anatomically correct, which hypersexualizes girls, according to the group. “They have little breasts and they have fancy hair,” the organization’s executive director, Dana Edell, told FoxNews.com. “And it just disturbs us that this is the image that they want girls to see.” Edell also objects to what she calls stereotyping of preferred pastimes for girls. “What it’s doing is telling girls that this is what’s important to you,” Edell said of the beauty parlor and hot tub sets. “Girls aren’t building space shuttles, they’re getting their nails done.”

Oh my god I want to punch these cunts right in the cock they wish they had.  Don’t start whining about plastic LEGO tits until we’re dealing with scaled C cups.  I mean what is the deal with feminist dykes and boobs?  Barbie’s are too big, LadyFigs’ are small…bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.  That’s all they do.  Listen, broads, these LadyFigs and other toys for little girls are an absolute necessity.  Dana Edell is the perfect example of where your life ends up if you are stuck playing with your brother’s Tonka trucks & A-Team action figures.  You end up an ostracized, man-hating feminazi whose only option is to protest everything the normal chick you’re so jealous of enjoys.  They like being attractive.  They enjoy being pampered.  They have a blast cleaning & making dinner.  I don’t know one broad who gives a flying fuck they’re not building a space shuttle, nor do I know one who’d honestly say, “Hey – if I had a LadyFigs space shuttle set when I was a kid, I’d be working for NASA.”  Everyone knows women are too stupid to work for NASA.


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