Kid Crying Like A Bitch For Being Suspended After Punching A Bully In School

Posted: April 20 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[KDVR]  Most Wednesday afternoons Nathan Pemberton would be sitting in his third grade classroom. But that didn’t happen. “Got suspended,” he says. The 9-year-old was kicked out of school Tuesday after he says he stood up to a bully who was beating him up. “One kid kicked me in the back, then punched me in the face. Then I punched him in the face, and then I got in trouble, he says.” A picture shows the red marks on his face. His parents says about once a week, he’s been coming home from West Elementary School in Colorado Springs saying he’s been bullied. They’re glad he finally decided enough is enough. “Finally, yeah, we told him, if you have to, if there’s nobody else around, you do what you have to do,” his mother, Deborah Pemberton, says. A school spokesperson told FOX31 Denver in a statement the district has a “no tolerance student discipline policy. If a student is involved in a physical altercation on school property, they are automatically suspended.” It goes on to say, “District 11 schools employ many anti-bullying teaching techniques … and none of these methods include violence or retaliation.” “Well the school had told us and told him as well, just walk away. Walk away, find a teacher,” says Deborah Pemberton. “Well, when those things happened, and he did find a teacher, there was hardly any repercussions.”

You know the best way to get kids at school to stop kicking you in the back and punching you in the face?  A stiff counter-jab to the teeth.  Added bonus – you get a few days off from school.  That’s how your legend spreads.  “Where’s Nathan?”  “He got suspended for knocking out that bully.”  3rd grade dudes want to be him, 4rd grade chicks want to be with him and O’Doyle has got to find himself a new target to push around.  You know how to make the bullying worse?  Going on TV crying like a pussy about how you got suspended.  Hey kid, read the rules.  If you’re involved in a fight, you’re suspended. Period.  Your sob story doesn’t matter.  Getting suspended comes with the territory of standing up for yourself.  I don’t even know why this is news.  His parents told him to man up and settle shit.  He threw a haymaker and did just that.  Does he want a fucking medal?  That’s just how it goes in elementary school.  It’s like a prison yard.  If you’re gonna walk around the monkey bars letting tough guys take turns in your asshole with no resistance then why would they stop?  Because someone told them to? Fight for your asshole or grab your ankles during recess every day.  Choose or be chosen.  Anyone who knows anything knows that.


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