Dude Shoots The Wrong Hog. . .Or Did He?

Posted: April 23 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Orlando Sentinel]  A Brandon woman was shot in both legs Saturday night by her boyfriend in what Flagler County Sheriff’s officials say was a hog-hunting accident. Deputies said that Steven Egan, 52, mistook his girlfriend, 52-year-old Lisa Simmons, for a wild hog while the two were hunting from a tent at the Cowart Hunt Camp on County Road 305 in west Flagler County. While inside the tent, Egan told deputies he thought he had shot a hog and went outside to track it, not realizing Simmons had later left the tent, too. Hearing a noise in the woods, Egan shot at it, thinking it was the same hog. Instead he sent a .30 caliber rifle shot through both of Simmons’ upper legs. Egan “said he was unaware that Simmons had left the tent and was in the woods,” a sheriff’s office press statement said. Simmons was transported to Halifax Medical Center for surgery, but officials could not be immediately reached for further details.

Accident?  Sounds to me like the right hog was clipped.  Dude’s getting off pretty light here, no? Although I guess it’s easy to make a mistake when you stroll into the woods cocked & loaded, ready to blast a porker in the grill and you’re faced with…well, a porker in the woods.  Or at least the sound of one.  You gotta make a decision when you hear random noise – do you see if your girlfriend heard it or just fire aimlessly in the general direction?  Probably didn’t even realize he shot his broad until the other hog trotted into the tent and instead of fixing dinner, it shit on the sleeping bag.  Still, if you’re a hog and you walk around where you know another hog is about to step into the afterlife as ‘the other white meat’ at the local supermarket, don’t be surprised when you catch an ‘accidental’ slug through the legs.


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