Broad Goes Back To Jail Hours After Release Because She Couldn’t Get 45 Bucks In An Hour

Posted: May 1 @ 1:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[ABC]  A Spring Hill woman is back behind bars on charges of failure to pay $45 for dinner and drinks just hours after her release from jail. According to a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office report, Jennifer McNeill, 42, had dinner Wednesday night at the Carrabba’s on Cortez Boulevard in Brooksville. She consumed $45 worth of food and wine. When it came time to pay her bill, the restaurant manager told detectives she handed over a credit card that subsequently was declined. McNeill proceeded to hand over several other credit cards, according to the report, all of which were also declined. The manager gave McNeill one hour to find someone to come to Carrabba’s to pay her bill. When no one responded, McNeill grew belligerent. Then she started texting people. At 11:23 p.m., a deputy took her into custody. McNeill was given no bond, however, because she’d just been released from jail a few hours earlier on a trespassing charge.

Ain’t that a bitch.  Fresh out the joint and you can’t get a single person to hook you up with a celebratory meal.  Not one dude in your phone that’s willing to shell out $45 for some sex or a week’s worth of hummers.  I mean she had to have put that offer on the table to a bunch of guys, right? Bananas that a broad can’t conjure up a Ulysses S. Grant in 60 minutes or less.  Jennifer’s no Aniston, but I’d venture to guess the male company she keeps at the trailer park ain’t too picky.  No way Jose & Paco wouldn’t chip in some of their Carrabba’s bus boy tips to rent her holes.  Apparently I’m wrong. Anyway, I’ve always wondered the outcome for a situation like this would be.  Let’s say I’m alone on vacation and I trust my Black Card is in good standing.  Order up some shrimp cocktail, a juicy filet & a few Sam Adams and find out my card was declined.  I got no cash available and no one’s accepting my dick-sucking offers.  I go to jail?  The whole “washing dishes” thing is a myth?  Ain’t that some shit…


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