Kid Arrested After The Pound Of Weed He Bought Via XBox Was Delivered To The Wrong Address

Posted: May 1 @ 3:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WKYT]  Police say 19-year-old Garrett Bryant liked to play games on Xbox Live inside his Lawrenceburg home, but they say he wasn’t only using it to score virtual points, he was also using it to score drugs. Lawrenceburg Police say it all started when a package was mistakenly delivered to a home on Walker Lane. The man who lives there didn’t check the address label before he opened the box. “He was expecting clothing in the mail so he opened the package without looking at the address and what he found inside was not to be clothing,” says Officer Josh Satterly of the Lawrenceburg Police. It turned out to be a pound of marijuana. The man turned the delivery over to police who, along with the postal inspector, headed a few blocks over to the correct address on Hunter Ridge Drive. “There was a name on the package of David Smith. Garrett Bryant accepted the package from the postal inspector. When he accepted the package and advised his name was David Smith, we executed a search warrant on the residence and that’s when we recovered the pound of marijuana,” says Officer Satterly. They say Bryant admitted that he’d ordered the marijuana from someone in California he’d met while playing on Xbox Live. He said he paid $2,300 for it and he was hoping to sell it to help his mother pay bills. Police, though, are skeptical. “We have reason to believe that he wasn’t selling it for financial gain for his mother. He was using it for personal use as well. There’s other ways to help out family than to sell drugs,” says Officer Satterly. Police say Bryant won’t face federal charges because he cooperated with the investigation. He will face one count of trafficking in marijuana.

Fuckin’ mail man.  Did this shithead get fired at least?  We’re not talking about losing a rogue envelope in the mix.  It’s a package clearly addressed to Hunter Ridge Drive.  I know it sounds similar to Walker Lane, but that’s why you’re the professional in the delivery game.  You’re paid to sniff out such subtle differences and make sure mail gets delivered to the proper locations so it’s not received by law-breakers tearing shit open that doesn’t belong to them.  This is about as big a failure as it gets.  And I’m onto you, too, Mr. “I was expecting clothing in the mail”.  Bullshit.  I’m not proud, but I’m onto this dude because I’d do the same thing.  If you put a package on my doorstep, that mofo’s getting opened regardless of whose name is on the label.  Don’t judge me, I’m far from the only one overtaken with the prospect of free stuff.  If we were conditioned to oblige by the honor system we’d just pass packages along from house to house until it got to its appropriate destination.  Sorry, but I’m gonna look & see if you ordered something cool or not.  If it sucks, I’m tossing it.  Give & take, everybody, so don’t cry.  It’s just like the dry cleaners.


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