Better Luck Next Time, Mr. & Mrs. Holtby

Posted: May 3 @ 12:30am by 610 in Bolivian


What a disappointment your son is, huh?  In all honesty that was a great yet torturous game I didn’t think the Rangers deserved going into OT – but they slowly began to dictate the play and owned the puck for almost the entire 6th period.  Gaborik netting the game-winner is absolutely the best thing that could’ve happened for the Blueshirts.  Hopefully that gets him going, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t. If the Rangers lose and he’s left to dwell on that post from earlier, who knows when or even if he shows up at all.  Monster game-winner.  Goal-scorers are streaky motherfuckers, and the pressure’s off now.

McDonagh, Kreider and Callahan all deserve a steak and a hooker.  Girardi and Boyle can get just the steak for the bloodshed.  Poor Stu Bickel – well, he gets nothing.  Dude had the best seat in the house for an absolutely awesome game.


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