Chick Fakes Pregnancy & Baby Shower Then Kidnaps A Baby

Posted: May 4 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[Fox Charlotte]  A Charlotte woman is accused of faking a pregnancy and hatching a plan to steal a baby. Police say the kidnapping suspect even had family members throw her a baby shower. CMPD Investigators are trying to determine if the one-month old victim and the mom were targeted as part of a bizarre plan to fool everyone. “Definitely worried that there’s people in my apartment complex that do stuff like that,” said South Charlotte resident Martin Rowland. When police turned his apartment complex off Providence and Fairview Roads into a crime scene overnight, Rowland thought about the safety of his own daughter. Late Tuesday night, police say 24-year-old Andrea Endara-Paredes kidnapped and brought the one month old infant to her boyfriend’s apartment at Carmel. “When she brought the baby inside the apartment,” said Capt Roderick Golding, “she said, ‘here is our baby’.” CMPD investigators said the suspect started a scheme at the Beacon Hill Apartments on South Blvd weeks ago, befriending the mother, 22-year-old Karla Suarez, just to get baby girl Angae. Suarez told investigators Endara-Paredes promised her work at the Carmel Apartments. But once there, the mom says the suspect pulled a knife on her, took the infant and her four-year-old and hit her with a weapon. “The mother was able to fight off these attacks and convinced Ms Endara to take her back to her residence,” said Golding. Endara-Paredes drove Suarez and the four-year-old back to Beacon Hill. Within hours police tracked down the infant. The suspect’s boyfriend told officers that Endara-Paredes lied to him about being pregnant. CMPD said the boyfriend doesn’t face charges. However, Endara-Paredes remains in custody, charged with three counts of kidnapping and attempted murder.

Well I can’t say that Andrea Endara-Paredes dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s in her premeditation or execution – but I can say I understand her intentions.  Babies are beautiful, motherhood is magical – but pregnant is disgusting.  So excuse Andrea if she’s a tiny bit selfish and chooses to maintain her good looks.  Sorry if she doesn’t want her box destroyed by a 7-pound gooey infant doing a cannonball out her birth canal.  There’s worse things to want in life than a family.  If she’s at fault for anything, it’s not wanting the family enough.  I mean she duped her boyfriend to perfection.  Dude didn’t even ask any questions when his girl strolled home with a month-old baby.  No baby bump, no lamaze, no water breaking, no hospital visits – no problem.  It was probably the shower that had everyone fooled.  Well done.  But anyone who knows anything about kidnapping knows you can’t just go around stealing infants at knife point from bitches you know, then drive them home afterwards.  If you were truly fit to be a mother, Karla Suarez had to die.


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