Get A Load Of Brooklyn’s School For Dudes Caught Picking Up Hookers

Posted: May 7 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[NY Post]  They’ve been bad boys, and they need to be taught a lesson — at “john school.” “It’s a scared-straight concept,” said Rhonnie Jaus, chief of the Brooklyn DA’s sex-crimes division. “The majority of the people are in the transportation industry: truck drivers, bus drivers, cabdrivers, because they’re in cars and can pull right over.” The program, officially called Project Respect, celebrates its 10th anniversary this summer. None of the other boroughs has a john school. “When I heard about the class, I was relieved. [A prostitution bust] is not something I want on my record,” said accounting student Adrian Caesar, 25, who was recently arrested trying to pick up a female undercover cop minutes after he dropped his girlfriend off at her East New York housing project. “I like women. That’s my downfall.” Men busted for patronizing prostitutes in Brooklyn get the choice of a court hearing and possible jail time — or paying $350 to sit through five hours of class time featuring lectures from an HIV-positive hooker and stern assistant district attorneys as well as graphic slides of diseased genitalia. Out of 3,079 johns who have taken the class, only a bone-headed 26 — fewer than 1 percent — have ever been collared again for the same crime. Almost every man said he was entrapped — and claimed he had no interest in paying for sex. “You just start talking, and then cops roll up on you. I had no money on me, anyway. How was I going to do anything?” said a 52-year-old ambulette driver from Brownsville. Still, he liked the class. “It was worth it,” he said. “You learn things now you didn’t know then. You think twice about having sex with an outside girl.”

“Out of 3,079 johns who have taken the class, only a bone-headed 26 have ever been collared again for the same crime.”  What this article fails to say is about 2,700 of these dudes have probably been nabbed for rape instead.  Way to go, Project Respect.  I mean, for the most part, we’re not dealing with guys capable of getting laid on the regular.  Nobody is PROUD to rent a whore, but sometimes the price of a little companionship seems worth it.  I don’t need to get into the whole “supply & demand” reasoning to shed light on the obvious benefits of prostitution, but there’s a huge knockoff effect this program is failing to realize by telling a few horny men that every pussy slinger is an underage AIDS patient ready to deform their dong.  OK so they don’t slam whores anymore.  Now you got 3000 pissed off dudes with jizz levels up to their eyeballs.  What does that mean for the rest of us?  3000 more opportunities to be a victim of road rage.  Assault.  Murder.  And forget about chicks.  On top of all that, their odds of getting smacked around & raped increased.  Just because you scared them from hookers doesn’t mean you scared them from fucking.  You just took away an important outlet from a group of lonely, depraved men who escaped their torment via a peaceful exchange.  Cash for gash.  Now they have no choice but to go full Kobe on a broad.  Brooklyn bitches better stock up on their pepper spray & rape whistles.


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