Old Guy Arrested For Turning 911 Into His Own Private Sex Chat

Posted: May 8 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daily Mail]  A 72-year-old man has been arrested for repeatedly calling 911 and making rude and sexual comments to operators. Clyde Dorain Hobbs, from Oklahoma City, was arrested on Saturday after ringing the emergency number at least 17 times to harass dispatchers. Oklahoma police said that Mr Hobbs had made numerous false 911 reports on Saturday evening and made sexually oriented comments to the emergency operators each time he called, according to NewsOK. Authorities tracked the phone calls to the man’s home address, near SW 57 and S Douglas Avenue. According to police, when they arrived at the residence, Mr Hobbs asked, ‘are you here to arrest me again?’ Officers said this was the third time Mr Hobbs had been arrested in this type of incident. The septuagenarian was ‘belligerent and rude’ to officers while being escorted to the Oklahoma County jail, police said. He is being held in prison on a $34,000 bond.

“I’d like to report an emergency…IN MY PANTS, BITCH!!  YOU WANNA SUCK MY BIG FAT EMERGENCY?!?!?!”  Not an exact quote, but a paraphrase of the game Clyde was spitting to 911 sluts in my imagination.  Doesn’t look like the most suave dude out there, so that’s the best I got until they release the tapes.  Anyway, I’ve always wondered why this is such a big deal.  $34k bond for prank calls? I understand the rationale about interfering with the reports of actual emergencies, but this is 911.  If we don’t have enough phone lines or operators to handle the 2% collateral damage from harmless 72 year-old horndogs like my man Clyde along with the legitimate calls, then maybe we need to reassess the entire system.  Instead of wasting resources dispatching to this dude’s trailer, institute the “Cry Wolf” policy.  Fuck around with 911 more than 3 times and your number is blocked.  “We’re sorry…your call cannot be completed as dialed.”  No emergency services for you.  Seems like a pretty simple way to deter pranksters from interfering with the otherwise all-business approach of 911.


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