Sorry, But No Way This Is One Of The Dudes Who Tried To Steal 30 Large From A Bowling Tourney

Posted: May 8 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Wink News]  Fort Myers Police have arrested one of the suspects from a brazen bowling alley robbery earlier this week. Eric Fletcher is being held at the Lee County Jail without bond for his alleged involvement in a violent ambush at Pin Street Bowling on Fowler Street. Monday night, three masked men armed with handguns stormed the Fowler Street alley during a league championship game. Fort Myers Police say they’ve successfully nabbed one of the suspects, 24-year old Eric Fletcher. “He does actually look familiar. I’m really feeling like I’ve seen him in here just as an open bowler,” Pin Street Bowling General Manager Terry Leis said Friday. A handful of bowlers chased the crooks to a nearby apartment complex following the robbery. The startled suspects left behind valuable clues, which helped cops crack the crime. “We were able to recover two firearms, ski masks, gloves, and other pieces of forensic evidence that of course led us to arrest Mr. Fletcher,” Sgt. Brian O’Reilly of FMPD said Friday. Police believe the crime was calculated. The robbers went straight for a cardboard box holding approximately $30,000 of the league’s prize money. “They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew what they were coming in for, where it was going to be, what time it was going to be. It’s just not a coincidence,” Leis said. Fletcher is a convicted felon who was recently released from prison. He is charged with robbery with a firearm and 61-counts of aggravated assault, one for each patron inside the building at the time. Now, police are pursuing leads on the other two men involved. “We’re working with our evidence team and the state lab to develop more evidence against those individuals,” O’Reilly said. Pin Street Bowling has stepped up security measures since Monday night’s robbery. FMPD was able to recover all of the prize money from the scene.

This guy is so innocent I can’t fucking stand it.  “He does actually look familiar”?  Listen, you racist bitch, don’t try to peg the first black man whose picture you’re shown.  This isn’t one of those “pretty sure” cases.  You’ve either seen the dude with antennas on his noggin or not.  If Manute Bol was a regular at Pin Street Bowling, you’d know it for an absolute fact.  Just like there’d be no uncertainty in picking E.T. or no-chin dude out of a lineup.  So your hesitation speaks volumes.  Eric Fletcher will be a free man before you can say “handlebars”.  “I’m really feeling like I’ve seen him in here…” isn’t gonna cut it in a court of law, Terry.  Not when your prime suspect strolls in looking like Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles. I may not be the foremost expert on popular African-American hairstyles, but if there’s a group of black guys emulating Coolio, I highly doubt they’re all chillin’ at Pin Street rollin’ a few frames.  If you saw him, you’d know it for an absolute fact.  FREE ERIC FLETCHER!  FREE ERIC FLETCHER!


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