Find Me One Person Who Doesn’t Press Mute Or Change The Channel When This Commercial Comes On

Posted: May 9 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Show me a worse commercial in the history of television.  You can’t.  These two whiny twats temporarily ruin every single night of relaxation while watching as much NBA/NHL playoff action as I can.  I’ll just be chillin’ on the couch with my pups dozing in & out of consciousness during the Lakers/Nuggets game when all of a sudden I’m elbowing boxers in their grills, scrambling to grab the remote and turn off these sniveling, crying cunts.  And it’s on ALL the time.  Fucking awful.  I don’t know what Verizon was thinking, but I’m pretty sure the Junk Car Giant chick was available for a much better commercial.

  1. Cracker says:

    This post creeped me the fuck out…just ask my boxer who got elbowed in the face because I was reaching for the remote to change the channel when this terrible commercial came on.
    There’s only 2 possible explanations for this: either 610 is spying on me or this commercial sucks so bad that everyone does this and it’s just a coincidence that we have the same type of dogs.

    Or, I propose a third option that Cracker is really just 610…matter of fact what if the whole IB crew is really only 610, there are no other contributors (or commenters for that matter) only 610 pretending to be multiple personalities.
    BTW – your imaginary blogging staff is really slacking off these days.

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