Meet Snake Snake. . .The Man Arrested 134 Times & Counting.

Posted: May 9 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WTSP]  Thomas Edward Fuller, a.k.a. Snake Snake is back behind bars for the 134th time. Police say Fuller, who was arrested for allegedly breaking into a church, had been released just days earlier from prison. “He has a history that goes back 33 years, involves 134 criminal charges and 49 convictions,” Sarasota Police Captain Paul Sutton told 10 News. Police say Fuller had an ax in his back pocket when they found him inside a music room at the Church of the Redeemer. They say he also had socks on his hands. “When officers asked him; ‘Why do you have socks on your hands?’ he said because fingerprints tend to come back and haunt you.” Fuller was sentenced in 2010 to 2-years for breaking into an Englewood restaurant. So why do Fuller and other career criminals keep getting back out on the streets? The state’s scoring system may be partly to blame for why some criminals keep getting arrested, convicted and ultimately released. A misdemeanor for example scores only .2 points. Even if it can be bumped up to felony petty theft it still registers just 4-points. Car burglary is 22-points yet state guidelines call for prison time only if a person reaches 44-points. A victim’s cooperation can also play a role in the state’s ability to get a conviction. Officials say if the victim doesn’t show up to testify, or doesn’t want to press charges, they may not be able to get a conviction. Which brings us back to Fuller’s most recent alleged crime; the church he allegedly broke into doesn’t want to press charges. Instead Father Fredrick Robinson believes the Church is at fault because they left 2-doors unlocked the night Fuller was arrested. “So the fact that he really didn’t do any harm to us makes me inclined to not look too harshly at him,” Robinson said. And that means Fuller could get yet another chance. However if he is convicted, Fuller will qualify as a prison release re-offender which means he’ll be facing a mandatory life sentence.

I don’t know what Sarasota has against my man Snake Snake, but it’s obviously bullshit.  When you’re toting a sub-.500 conviction rate, it’s safe to say he’s being locked up for no reason.  Actually makes me question how legitimate some of those 49 convictions are.  I mean look at this latest charge.  Dude went to church.  That’s it.  Just chillin’ in the music room at church with socks on his hands.  You read what Father Robinson said – the doors were open.  So how is that breaking in?  Might as well throw anyone who’s ever attended a mass there in the clink as well.  I don’t know who’s wife he fucked at the station, but going to church with an ax and sock puppets isn’t a crime regardless.  Weird is not criminal. If the church is taking responsibility, maybe Sarasota should take this opportunity to realize Snake Snake might not be the problem here & start investigating in-house.


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