Dude Arrested Because Bank Teller Gave Him Extra Cash

Posted: May 21 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[ABC]  Police in Cinnaminson have arrested a man who allegedly turned a banking mistake into larceny. A bank teller’s mistake at a Delanco Federal Saving Bank turned into a big pay day for 27 year old Felipe DePadula. DePadula came into the Cinnaminson bank to cash a $300 check, but police say the teller misread it and gave him $3,000 instead. “You definitely notice the difference in $3,000 dollars as oppose to $300 dollars,” said Detective Sgt. William Covert. Action News got an exclusive look at the bank’s surveillance video as DePadula watched the teller. She stacked the wad of cash into an envelope and he took off. “It’s pretty obvious with all the bank surveillance that somebody’s going to realize that something is wrong and be able to narrow it down to what happened to it,” said Sgt. Covert. Police say when the bank asked the man to bring back the envelope of cash he claimed he lost it and the money at a Target store in nearby Delran, N.J. “He either put it away or spent it or has it hidden somewhere, but I’m sure he didn’t lose it,” Sgt. Covert said. Police say DePadula even filed a false report with Delran police to cover his tracks. Investigators picked him up Wednesday night and charged him with theft. “To me it’s not a big thing about the money, it’s more of the morals and doing what’s right,” said Craig Jones. DePadula is originally from Brazil and lives in Riverside, N.J. He works in construction but has been out of work since he was injured on the job. Bank customers say that there is no excuse for his actions, especially since the teller is facing a reprimand for her mistake. “I want the money I earned myself, and I feel like even in hard times, you can always find a way to get back rather than stealing,” said Christie Lane.

Uh…no kidding he got arrested.  Serves him right.  Anyone who knows anything knows honesty is the best policy.  Just the other day I was at the deli & ordered, among other things, a half-pound of Swiss. The dude handed it to me, sealed and labeled – but it was for .52 pounds.  Nice try, Mr. Entrapment.  I opened that shit, peeled off 2 and a half slices & tossed it back over the counter.  Hey I don’t want to get billy-clubbed & sent to jail on a shoplifting charge because you aren’t paying attention.  Maybe we should eliminate the deli middle-man and just let me cut the cheese myself.  While we’re at it, let us count our own money at the bank too.

In all seriousness, if the onus of accuracy isn’t on the professional getting paid behind the bulletproof glass whose job it is to hand me the amount of money I request, what the fuck are they there for?  Just let guys like Felipe stroll into the safe and take what they’re entitled to. It’s not like he asked for 3 large. There was no malice aforethought.  No deception.  So fuck you, Sgt. Covert, you presumptuous bastard. Just as there’s bank tellers stupid enough not to tell the difference between $300.00 & $3000.00, there’s others that may assume they received an envelope of 30 Alexander Hamiltons instead of Ben Franklins.  Not impossible.  Nor is it impossible to lose something at Target.  FREE FELIPE DEPADULA!!! FREE FELIPE DEPADULA!!!


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